My Universe: Julius Eulberg

Julisis, the exquisite and alchemical product range laced with precious metals and carefully selected Western herbs, is the secret weapon of many a CAP insider. And its gorgeously eccentric founder, Julius Eulberg, is a man after our own hearts. Equal parts rarified aesthete and mystical seeker, he embodies an intellectual approach to wellness. Science meets spirituality and beauty is always at the forefront. He has the most magnificent collection of jewelry we’ve ever spotted and so naturally we wanted to learn it all. Enjoy this peek into his cosmically regal world.

Jeans What?
T-shirt Uniqlo, Zimmerli Sea Island
Sneakers Tom Ford, customized Nike, customized New Balance
Heels would make me dizzy
Flats sure
Boots Stallion and bespoke by Eduard Meier, Munich
Sunglasses Ditta, Barton Pereira, Tom Ford, vintage Oliver Peoples
Watch vintage and new Rolex Daytona
Day bag T. Anthony in purple/black, and a brown Hermes Evelyne XL
Jewelry you wear everyday just designed my own line of “sacred jewelry” Edition I. , all numbered and one-of-a-kind hamsa with colored diamonds for protection, focus and perseverance, 18k, always a scarf from my extensive collection, (over 300) Hermes from the 80s or the finest Pashmina from the Himalayas.
Uniform in California: Uniqlo jogger with Elder Statesmen sweater, Europe: vintage Tom Ford Suit with a 50’s sweatshirt by Hanes, in Asia: Lanvin silk jogger with vintage Missoni or crisp white shirt (Charvet)
Workout wear nike, nike (gyakusou) nike (michael jordan) and Patagonia
Designers Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Loro Piana
Lingerie or underwear always white: Zimmerli or Uniqlo Supima boxers
Where do you shop flea markets, secondhand stores, auctions and the below Boutiques
Boutique Amarees (Newport Beach), Maxfield (LA), Maxfield Bleu (LA), The Store (Soho House Berlin)
Online shopping site Mr Porter (when on sale)
Suit Kiton, Attolini

What’s your sign Capricorn with Libra rising and Cancer moon
Workout(s) 3 times a week pump class at 24h fitness, west Hollywood, 2 times with trainer Roger.
Studio/teacher my spiritual backbone is Siddha Yoga with Gurumayi, in addition I love Kundalini Yoga with TEJ and GURUSINGH at Yoga West
Do you meditate: It is not an option anymore. It is a must: I try everyday 15-20 min in the morning.
Meditation teacher  Scott Schwenk breath work classes are beyond. I take private lessons, but he teaches at Unplugg meditation and Wanderlust in LA
Morning rituals start with hot water and lemon then Sun Potion Anandamide powder with homemade almond milk then Taiwanese Oolong high mountain green tea. During the day CAP’s great Matcha tea with a half teaspoon of CAP’s Ghee.
Evening rituals Peppermint tea or Liver cleanse tea, depending on mood and purpose
Incense Palo Santo from CAP or Oud room fragrance from Dubai, Andrew Cinnamon’s incense holder and sticks, white sage
Diet you follow mostly vegetarian with some fish, wild salmon. I love shrimp and god bless the lobster
Guilty pleasure chocolate and more chocolate, dark spicy, organic and fair trade from Germany.
Toothpaste alternating with non fluoride (Toms) and fluoride (rembrandt)
Skin care I love to try other brands just to come back to my own. Quality is everything and I know what goes into Julisis.
Soap Dr. Bronner for hand wash, Santa Maria Novella “tobacco”
Perfume or Cologne I bought many fragrances over the years (Frederic Malle, Lelabo, Tom Ford) and lately find everything intrusive and overpowering, I tried several organic brands but I don’t want to smell like a sad carrot. I wanted something delicious sophisticated and created my own fragrances for day (uplifting, energizing) and night (seductive and sensual).
Who cuts your hair If I had any it would be Sally Hershberger, she knows how to cut and shag, but I use my Braun shave/trimmer or if I am travelling I visit a barber shop
Favorite beauty product Julisis Gold Wash, Gold Emulsion and Eyemulsion and a personalized oil ( a formula I created for an Arabian princess) with neroli, persian dry rose, sandalwood and ylang-ylang

Where do you live? In the slums of Beverly Hills and London, Knightsbridge
Artist Gerhard Richter, especially his photorealistic paintings
Piece of art in your home an oil painting “Venice from the Lagoon”, ca. 1750
Museum Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Museum of Modern Art San Francisco
Pets love dogs, hate cats
Sheets Frette, Pratesi or Ralph Lauren
Local restaurant Cafe Gratitude
Best cup of coffee in your town if I have one every two months I go to Intelligentsia, Venice Beach
China I have a huge collection of antique Meissen, I eat from those 18 century plates every day, since their blue white pattern is underglaze they are happy with the dishwasher, and so am I.
Pottery Porcelain is in my vocabulary
Favorite piece of furniture Everything from Glenn of California. They have amazing midcentury quality, precious woods
Furniture store or designer: Christopher Anthony, Palm Springs and Davide Rizzo Architects, Berlin
Minimalist or maximalist Either end works the middle is a problem
Hotel Four Seasons Hong Kong and any Aman resort
Dream dinner party guests Rei Kawakubo, Pharell, Lisa Eisner, Lil Tomlin, Sir Richard Branson, Yves Saint Laurent, Krishnamurti, Ramakrishna, Mother Theresa
Go-to dinner party recipe go late, leave early, don’t say goodbye. Small talk is not my thing
Most used kitchen gadget Vitamix, 360 cookware
Favorite snack Erewhon gluten free brownies
Favorite drink DAYTIME: a Soho house Julius special: unsweetened lemonade, easy on ice, with fresh mint and sparkling water NIGHTTIME white wine spritzer with lemon
What do you collect European decorative arts (antique porcelain mostly birds, parrots from Nymphenburg, Meissen, KPM) and Asian decorative arts: buddhas, kwan yins, incense burners. On top vintage jewelry, 18k Victorian and French, 1900, seal rings, pendants. 1960-1990: Cartier, Buccelati, Bulgari
What’s always in your fridge Kombucha, Coconut Kefir from New Earth Superfoods, Sun Potion (Anandamide), Probiotics from Dr Ohira, Goat Cheese, Lemons, my Mother’s Marmalade, Vegenaise, juice from L..A. Juice and Beverly Hills Juice and my own green mix

Who or what inspires you Authenticity, Generosity, Wisdom
Favorite discovery: The earth is a rotating ball. I still wonder why we take stuff so seriously swirling through empty space with endless room to all sides.
Favorite quote: my own: love what you do. Give yourself fully to what you do. Be what you do. If I had a french fry truck, those would be the best fries in town. If I clean the floor you could eat from that floor
Fashion idol not Princess Di
Sports hero Novak Djokovic
Crush Pharell
Beach Laguna Beach Crystal Cove
Ski Resort Aspen
Favorite charity March to the Top and Prasad
Favorite color all green tones, real dark blue, brown
Favorite place in the world Big Sur
Favorite movies Avatar
Favorite writers Rumi
Favorite albums Freddy Mercury (greatest hits), David Bowie (Legacy), Nina Hagen (Nina Hagen Band)
Nightstand VERY magazine, Untethered Soul, A Course In Miracles
Photography or coffee table book Anything Mapplethorpe
Necessary indulgence taking a salt bath, getting massages, weekly flowers by mybeverlyhillsflorist,com
Who would you want to be for a day A hummingbird
What’s your inner age 28
Song in your head at the moment Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya
Dancing or karaoke 5rhythms with Kate Shela

Apps instagram, bedtime, AWE
Phone iphone 7
Phonecase LV damier
Blogs chalkboard
Podcasts esther abraham hicks
Laptop or desktop LAPTOP
Tablet ipad mini
Computer bag vintage hermes
Favorite gadget macbook air
Google search pardon me?