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My Universe: John von Pamer


John von Pamer might be considered the unofficial artistic director of CAP. He is the photographer behind almost every image we produce and a sounding board for many (read most!) creative decisions we face. He is also the mind behind the playlists we spin in our treatment rooms and store. And as the husband of co-founder Kerrilynn, his wellness game runs deep. It's only natural that we wanted to open the doors and take a peek inside his Universe. Here's what makes his wheels go round.


Jeans APC
T-shirt until recently American Apparel summer T but I'm on the lookout for something organic and made in America
Sneakers Vans perf
Heels only on very special occasions
Boots snowboarding boots 
Sunglasses I usually go for the $10 cheap ones that I lose pretty often but my wife Kerrilynn bought me the Montmartre by Ahlem and they are a game changer 
Watch iphone
Day bag nike KD backpack with way too much stuff in it
Jewelry you wear everyday wedding ring
Workout wear cutoff sweats / plain t-shirt
Designers Engineered Garments, Alex Mill, APC, Barena Venezia
Lingerie or underwear usually
Where do you shop Arcana BooksYamaguchi Bonsai Nursery in LA
Boutique I'm not a big shopper but I like the clothes at Mohawk West in Santa Monica
Shopping mecca Montague Book Mill
Online shopping site I like buying my shiz in person but I use and as references pretty often 
Suit Helmut Lang and Missoni 


What’s your sign Aquarius 
Workout(s) boxing, yoga, jogging
Sport(s) the board sports
Yoga studio/teacher Love in LA / Kula in Brooklyn
Do you meditate yes
Meditation teacher, venue or app I like Josh Korda's talks and I use Insight Timer
Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) I train with boxing coach David Paul in LA and Diery Prudent who owns Rolpal in Brooklyn  
Morning rituals meditate / caffeine / walk dogs / eggs and greens with the news
Evening rituals sweet dreams
Incense bodha
Wellness idol my wife, Kerrilynn
Diet you follow taste goods / very healthy 98%. 2% dealer's choice. In this case the dealer would be me and I'm partial to the guilty pleasures below
Guilty pleasure bacon, smoked salmon, cheeseburgers, fish tacos and those coconut and cassava pork fat tortillas are my new fave
Toothpaste Toothpaste was the final frontier in the health game for me. I really like that rip your guts out feeling of plain Colgate. It's like a Biore strip for the tongue. You can tell it is getting the job done but I use David's way more often now.
Skin care sometimes Tata, sometimes whatever I find digging through Kerrilynn's medicine cabinet 
Soap pearl plus
Perfume or Cologne mauli beard oil
Who cuts your hair I use clippers over the bathroom sink
Shampoo As a bald man I wish
Favorite beauty product not really a beauty product but I love the 3rd Eye Meditation Spray from Golda 


Where do you live? as of this summer in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Bi-coastal has been a dream for a long time. So far, so good.
Artist oh god... I guess Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko, James Turrell and Irving Penn are my heavy hitters. James Hampton's "The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly" is my fave piece since childhood. I'm always inspired by photographers Nan Goldin, Mario Giacomelli, Guy Bourdin and Viviane Sassen.
Piece of art in your home a group of Hiroshige Prints, a Jason Frank Rothenberg photo, a Malcom X yarmulke by Victor Bouillon
Museum I like the new Whitney a lot but wondering around The Met is the shit
Pets Beba and Ricardo. Street chihuahuas from Puerto Rico. Don't ask.
Sheets Parachute
Local restaurant used to be frannys RIP / used to be ofaire RIP ... what is wrong with these people?
Best cup of coffee in your town Proof in Atwater or Unincorporated at the Brentwood farmer's market
Favorite piece of furniture Stiff Records' When You Kill Time You Murder Success clock 
Furniture store or designer Matter 
Minimalist or maximalist if I can't decide that means I'm a maximalist, right?
Hotel all I can think of is the Sugarhill Gang's line "hotel, motel, holiday inn"
Dream dinner party guests just you, my friend
Most used kitchen gadget I like to eat straight from the package so maybe my fingers but a sharp knife is always welcome
Favorite snack avocado with hemp seeds, olive oil and hot sauce 
Favorite drink coffee
What do you collect books and records although I have quite a collection of broken Apple products that I call the Apple graveyard
What’s always in your fridge Gerolsteiner, sauerkraut, eggs, greens


Who or what inspires you women and sunlight and the combination of the two
Favorite discovery that I like math 
Favorite quote “Don’t be in a hurry to fill your bag with second-rate berries"- DON McCULLIN   
Fashion idol I don't think I have one
Sports hero Latrell Sprewell
Crush you 
Beach Fort Tilden
Ski Resort Mt. Bachelor although I'm excited to get to know Mammoth
Favorite charity right now I'm giving money to the DLCC which technically isn't a charity but also the Earth Institute at Columbia University and SumofUs
Favorite color a sunset
Favorite place in the world countries: Scotland, Nepal, Japan towns: Montauk, NY, Northampton MA and surrounding areas in the summer 
Favorite movies Deer Hunter, Blood Simple, A Prophet, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Man with a Movie Camera and I just saw Birdman on a plane and really loved it but apparently you defenses are down on a plane so maybe it wasn't that good
Favorite writers Jim Lewis, James Salter, Phillip Meyer, John Williams, Junot Diaz
Favorite albums Revolver, Marquee Moon, Loveless, A Love Supreme, What's Going On and The Laughing Stock are the records I've listened to most in my life but recently I got obsessed with Young Americans, Also DAMN. is on while I type this.
Nightstand reading Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith, Art Can Help by Robert Adams, and Jesus and the Lost Goddess by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy, 
Photography or coffee table book Harry Callahan French Archives, Erwin Blumenfeld: Photographs, Drawings and Photomontages
Necessary indulgence fish tacos, the NBA, twitter 
Who would you want to be for a day the person that discovered the camera obscura on the day they first saw it or Neil Armstrong the day he walked on the moon
What’s your inner age 16 (skateboarding, punk rock and Dr. Pepper)
Song in your head at the moment Cole Medina's reworking of the Bee Gees Love You Inside Out
Dancing or karaoke dancing


Apps Spotify, Pocket, Overcast, Pinterest, WFMU and FunkBox
Phone iphone
Phone case heavy duty plastic one made by marines or paratroopers or something crazy like. I think it is called g force or something like that. I test it a few times a day and it continues to work
Podcasts Invisibilia, 99% Invisbile, The Guardian's Audio Long Reads, Hidden Brain, Dharmapunx NYC, Waking up with Sam Harris
Laptop or desktop laptop
Tablet no
Computer bag it's black and maybe neoprene
Favorite gadget hard drives are important
Recent Google search Kianja Strobert, how to build a water rocket, and I google Knicks at least once a day. 



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  • Hi John!
    can you tell me more about these coconut and cassava pork fat tortillas??? Dying to know more.

    Rebecca Taylor
  • Wow—A complete wonder of joy with a piece of of paradise for good measure. Always knew you were a crypto math genius.

    Marlene pamer

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