My Universe: Gloria Noto



Jeans Everlane, no stretch 

T-shirt @playswellwithothers

Socks @darnersocks velvet socks 

Heels @margiela Tabi boot heels

Sneakers I don’t wear sneakers ;) 

Boots @acnestudios Black boots with silver toe , Crush on @LOQ Donna Boot

Sunglasses Ray Ban Octagon lens with gold rims

Watch IPhone 

Day bag Pockets 

Jewelry Eyeball ring, J. Hannah Pinky rings on both hands, ring, @s_shikama Pearl Ear cuff, my gold chain my girlfriend gave me  

Workout wear Ideally naked at home, but when I get out there, I like a cropped hoodie and tight pants 

Designers Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Dries Van Noten, Jean Paul Gaultier @ShainaMote, @suitedatelier, Vintage Vintage Vintage

Lingerie or underwear The Great Eros, @fortnightlabel, @shoparq

Where do you shop @shopLCD @sisterwifeshop @capbeautydaily @NOTO_botanics @mohawkgeneralstore

Where do you want to shop On a small street filled with small and sustainable brands and cafes 

Swimwear Naked 

Style Icon David Bowie, Jane Birkin, Diane Keaton, Kristin McMenamy, Laurie Anderson 



What’s your sign Scorpio 

Workout Dance, Muay Thai Boxing 

Do you meditate Almost everyday 

Experts in your corner (herbalists, doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths) @vatapittakapha 

Morning rituals Journaling, Burning Resin, Stretching, drinking coffee in bed with my girlfriend 

Evening rituals An evening guided yoga nidra to get me out of my mind and into my body 

Astrologist Chani Nicholas 

Human Design Manifesting Generator 

Shower or bath Both  

Extrovert or introvert Ambivert 

Stress management techniques Boxing, breathwork, taking a walk with as many trees in my eyesight as possible

Who is your get out of jail call? My girlfriend 



Tea or tonic drink Both. CAP Matcha, Sunpotion tonics 

Wellness idol My best friend Kelly Maria Williams 

How do you like to eat? Ideally mostly plants and fruits, clean meats and healthy fats. No sugar unless it’s coconut sugar. 

Salty or sweet? Both, together. 

What’s always in your fridge? Eggs, chard or kale, coconut milk, apples, a good cheese, Dark Horse Organic sauces, pickled onions, jam from Orcas Island 

Go-to dinner party recipe Olive oil salted tahini and dates

Favorite snack Bread, salami, cheese, tomato 

Favorite drink Natural Wine 

Where do you grocery shop? Urban Radish in the Arts District LA, or Farmer's Markets on Sunday. 



Toothpaste Davids Natural Toothpaste 

Soap NOTO Botanics THE WASH, launching this winter 

Lip NOTO botanics Ono Ono Multi-benne stain 

Perfume or Cologne NOTO botanics Rooted Oil 

Hair stylist Courtney Rice, owner of Sunday Morning Hair on the east side of LA 

Shampoo/ Conditioner When I actually do wash my hair it’s NOTO Botanics’ THE WASH, but I honestly rarely wash my hair. 

Cleanser NOTO botanics THE WASH 

Toner NOTO botanics Basil Yarrow Mist

Serum NOTO Botanics DEEP SERUM , always :)

Moisturizer NOTO Botanics Moisture Riser Cream, always 

Mask I layer NOTO’s Moisture Riser Cream on thick and let it sit 

Beauty tool Gua Sha 

Makeup NOTO Botanics Hydra Highlighter and Multi-Benne Stains 



Where do you live? I am bi-coastal. Arts District, Los Angeles + Williamsburg, NYC 

Artist Cy Twombly, Sarah Lucas, David Hockney, Agnes Martin, Barbara Hepworth 

Piece of art in your home A painting by Mattea Perrotta 

Museum MOCA Geffen  

Pets My Puppy Mio

Sheets Morrow Soft Goods Linen Sheets 

Local restaurant Botanica 

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town Canyon Coffee or Amara Kitchen with homemade cashew milk

Pottery Laura Stinger, Laura Chautin  

Favorite piece of furniture Vintage bubble lamp from Night Palm 

Furniture store or designer Scarpa - Baughman - Italiana 70’s 

Minimalist or maximalist A bit of both. 

Hotel Ludlow, Soho Berlin

Dream dinner party guests Gloria Steinem, Pema Chodron, Jesus, Alastair Crowley, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, Barbara Hepworth 

Most used kitchen gadget Global knife, Vitamix 

What do you collect Thoughts, books, herbs 



Who or what inspires you my friends inspire me, nature inspires me,  I inspire me, books and artists inspire me. Conversation and action, thoughtfulness and authenticity inspires me. 

Quote “What you put your attention to, grows.” - unknown 

Crush My girlfriend @suitedatelier

Beach Any beach off of Sicily, where my family is from. 

Charity Planned Parenthood

Favorite place in the world Sicily 

Films Anything Ingmar Bergman, Darek Jarmin, Agnes Varda 

Favorite albums How could I choose, but I could always pick up a Cocteau Twins album 

Book Stone Butch Blues Leslie Feinberg, I Must Be Living Twice by Aileen Myles, The Story of O by Anne Desclos

Photography or coffee table book Neutra, Madonna’s Sex Book 

Favorite cookbook Gjelina Cookbook 

Who would you want to be for a day Prince 

Inner age Somewhere between 17 and 65

Song in your head at the moment Audrey’s Dance by Angelo Badalamenti 

Dancing or karaoke Both, majorly 



Apps Spotify

Phone whichever IPhone just came out, mine broke so I had to get a new one, but I don’t know what it’s called because I can’t keep up with APPLE 

Phone case whatever protects it best

Website Wikipedia, The Paris Review 

Podcasts Still Processing, My Favorite Murder, Call Your Girlfriend

Computer bag NOTO to go bag filled with notepad + pens + Deep Serum 

Favorite Instagram @NOTO_botanics, @Suitedmagazine, @colorsmagazine @lalamichmich  

Favorite News source Politico 

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