My Universe: Crystal Meers


Crystal Meers is a jack of all trades. Writing, branding and creative consulting, she does it all. Not to mention she’s the kind of person you run into unexpectedly at Moon Juice. Crystal is our trusted source for recommendations on everything from restaurants to nightstand reading. Read on for a look into her world.


  • Jeans Vintage Levis
  • T-shirt Lacausa, Summer Bummer 
  • Sneakers Nike Internationalist
  • Heels Acne, Maryam Nassir Zadeh
  • Flats Chanel, Jenni Kayne
  • Boots Isabel Marant
  • Sunglasses Clare V. x Garrett Leight
  • Day bag Clare V.
  • Jewelry you wear everyday Irene Neuwirth pink bunny necklace, Bare Collection constellation charm, and Doyle & Doyle engraved locket
  • Workout wear ALO high waisted yoga pants
  • Designers Clare V, Jade Lai 
  • Lingerie or underwear Pansy


  • What’s your sign Leo
  • Workout(s) Tracy Anderson Method, GST 
  • Sports It’s more like games, Banangrams, jigsaw puzzles
  • Yoga studio/teacher Sky Ting in NY, Tej at Nine Treasures in LA
  • Do you meditate Yes
  • Meditation teacher, venue or app Jessica Snow, TM
  • Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) Shira Lenchewski, Daphne Javitch, Emily Dougherty, Karen Deitsch, Stacey Justis Kelsey
  • Morning rituals Morning walk with my daughter
  • Evening rituals Crossword puzzle with my husband
  • Tea or tonic drink Turmeric Latte made with Countertop Golden Honey 
  • Wellness idol Daphne Javitch
  • Diet you follow Flexitarian
  • Guilty pleasure Wine, Moon Juice Chocolate Chaga Donuts
  • Toothpaste David’s 
  • Skin care Earth tu Face, Joanna Vargas
  • Soap Earth tu Face 
  • Lip color Kosas Rosewater and Fringe
  • Perfume or Cologne Byredo Flower Head, Lake & Sky 11:11
  • Who cuts your hair Taylor Lucas
  • Shampoo Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse
  • Favorite beauty product Dimes Lip Balm


  • Where do you live? Laurel Canyon
  • Artist Clare Crespo
  • Piece of art in your home Rob Reynolds rainbow watercolor
  • Museum Tate Modern, Met Beuer
  • Sheets Parachute 
  • Local restaurant Honey Hi, Botanica, Kismet
  • Best cup of coffee in your town Sqirl
  • China Astier de Villlate, Heath
  • Pottery Cassie Griffin
  • Favorite piece of furniture West Elm Bauer Coffee Table
  • Furniture store or designer Nickey Kehoe
  • Minimalist or maximalist Maximalist in minimalist’s clothing
  • Hotel The Bowery
  • Dream dinner party guests Every single one of my friends, plus the Obamas
  • Go-to dinner party recipe Tacos
  • Most used kitchen gadget Lemon squeezer, Wine Opener
  • Favorite snack Shira RD’s sesame maple cashews 
  • Favorite drink Moon Juice Dusted Ice Latte or MJ’s Goodness Greens shake with banana and almond butter or Beverly Hills Juice Club Big Ten Shake with Banana Almond Manna
  • What do you collect crystals
  • What’s always in your fridge So many beverages


  • Who or what inspires you My friends.
  • Favorite discovery CAP The Coconut Butter, Sunset Foot Spa
  • Fashion idol Clare Vivier, Nicole Cari, Christene Barberich, Anna Golino, Taylor Lucas, Heather Taylor, Joanna Williams
  • Crush Murray Miller
  • Beach Sagg Main
  • Favorite charity Alliance of Moms, Baby 2 Baby, Schools on Wheels
  • Favorite color Rainbow
  • Favorite place in the world Chateau Salty Pants, The Turtle Conservancy
  • Favorite movies Goonies
  • Favorite albums Anything from Fleetwood Mac, The Strokes, Blood Orange, Future Islands, The xx, Kurt Vile
  • Nightstand reading Many Moons by Modern Women, Crazy Pants by Zak Meers
  • Photography or coffee table book Amanda Marsalis Chez Panisse, Todd Selby House at Daelim Museum, Hat & Beard Press Crystals
  • Necessary indulgence Honey Mama’s and Hu Kitchen Chocolate
  • Who would you want to be for a day President. There are few things I would like to take care of immediately.
  • What’s your inner age 17, for better or for worse! 
  • Dancing or karaoke Dancing!


  • Apps Moon Plus, Waze, Spotify, Instagram
  • Phone iPhone
  • Phone case Will You Accept This Rose
  • Blogs T Magazine
  • Go-to website Fathom,
  • Laptop or desktop MacBook Air
  • Tablet iPad
  • Computer bag Baggu
  • Favorite gadget Fuji Instax Camera
  • Recent Google search San Miguel de Allende, Sophie Buhai Everyday Gold Hoops, Names of Beyonce Songs, Best Whole30 Breakfasts, Toddler Superfoods

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