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My Universe: Crystal Greene


Years spent behind the scenes of the chicest shops in the city, give Crystal a knack for great service and a wardrobe to kill for. But her impeccable style and gracious ways are just half the story. Crystal spends her free time learning from the best whether she’s focused on the science of the skin, reflexology techniques or her next acquisition, nutrition. Her appetite for instruction is incomparable and she constantly looks to uplevel her practice through study and expansion.


  • Heels: Celine Ballet Pumps. I own 3 pairs, gold, black and red….complete obession!
  • Flats: I don’t own any flats shoes, besides sandals, otherwise, it’s a pair of inexpensive Keds sneakers
  • Boots: still obsessed with my Celine Ballet pumps
  • Sunglasses: Classic Ray Ban Aviators, but rarely ever wear sunglasses
  • Watch: Do not own one
  • Jewelry you wear every day: I’m very minimal with jewelry. I own a combination of earrings from Love Adorned. However, the following are on my radar: Sophie Buhai, Ursa Major and Agmes
  • Where do you shop: Creatures of Comfort , La Garconne , Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Muji
  • Shopping mecca: La GarconneDe Vera,  The Row, Dosa, Urban Zen


  • What’s your sign? Sun:Leo, Rising: Sagitarrius, Moon: Taurus
  • Workout(s): Walking along the westside highway, a deep sweat in an Infrared sauna (does that count?) and a dance class
  • Tea or tonic drink: Tea, all the time! I enjoy a cold glass of oolong tea in the Summer
  • Wellness idol: Norman Walker
  • Guilty pleasure: Fresh baked bread from Té Company and Laboratorio de gelato green or red grape sorbet
  • Skin care: I love In Fiore products. At the moment, I’m using In Fiore Treate cleanser, a variety of hydrosols and Kahina Prickly Pear oil
  • Soap: Binu Binu
  • Lip color: No lip color. Just bare lips
  • Perfume or Cologne: I prefer scented body oils, Jiva Apoha ,rose geranium essential oil blended in a carrier oil, Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil and CAPtivator mist.
  • Who cuts your hair? I buzz my own hair….low maintenance and minimal


  • Where do you live? Harlem born and raised
  • Artist: Francesco Clemente, Egon Schiele, Gerhard Richter
  • Piece of art in your home: Grandfather’s photography
  • Museum: Rubin Museum of Art, Noguchi Museum, Donald Judd 101 Spring St, The Glass House
  • Local restaurant: Buvette, Ni (Essex Street Market), Omen,
  • Best cup of coffee in your town: I prefer tea. Té Company offers a curated selection of oolong tea. In addition, they serve a small offering of delicious food. The presentation and attention to detail in this gem is unmatched, beautiful and inspiring. .
  • China or Pottery Pottery: Bzippy, Eric Roinestad, Julian Watts, Clamlab
  • Favorite piece of furniture: My light pink marble dining table. I would love to own a Donald Judd Daybed and William Katavolos T Chair.
  • Furniture store or designer:  The Primary Essentials, BDDW, Nalata Nalata, Look at Waka Waka, ABC Home, and Terence Coran
  • Beach: Tulum
  • Hotel: The Greenwich Hotel and any Aman Hotel
  • Dream dinner party guests: Francis Mallman, Miles Davis, Martin Margiela, Jean Prouve, Donald Judd, Marina Abramovic and Basquiat
  • Dinner party menu: On a summer evening: A light salad with edible flowers, fresh ceviche, grilled veggies with sea salt and olive oil, and a bowl of fresh watermelon drizzled with lime.
  • Most used kitchen gadget: Vitamix, followed by a cutting board
  • Favorite recipe: I’m not much of a cook, but I could eat this rice bowl (inspired by Sqirl) for the rest of my life!
  • Favorite drink: Gingersnaps Go Kick green juice, earl grey tea and mineral water with lemon verbena
  • What do you collect? Tons of books, Elle Decor Magazine (UK Edition), Encens magazines and stationary. I love beautiful paper, planners and writing pens.
  • What’s always in your fridge? Water, hyrdosols, watermelon and greens. Unfortunately, pretty bare


  • Who or what inspires you? Scent, touch, home, silence, esthetics, wabi-sabi
  • Favorite discovery: anyone girl website
  • Fashion idol: Tilda Swinton
  • Crush: Four Sigma mushroom guy who I met at CAP a few months ago…. not mentioning any names, but the secret is out!
  • Favorite charity: I respect what my friend from It’s From The Sole is doing for the homeless.
  • Favorite place in the world: Tokyo, of course!
  • Favorite movies: 9 1/2 Weeks, Triplets of Belleville, Incendies, The Prophet, I Am Love, (Mostly foreign/independent films)
  • Favorite writers: Richard Wright
  • Favorite albums: There are few albums I can listen to from beginning to end, but I enjoy James Blake, Miles Davis, Can, Radiohead, Sting, FKA Twigs, Everything But The Girl, Gustavo Santaoalla, and movie scores
  • Nightstand reading: The Acne Answer, Conscious Medicine
  • Photography or coffee table book: NY Times, Holiday Magazine
  • New hobbies/ interest: I plan to take study aromatherapy, pottery, and crochet. If I had more time I would love to learn calligraphy


  • Phone: Iphone, I guess it’s a 5, who knows…. not big on gadgets and technology
  • Blogs: Live the Process, Goop, Jennifer Kass App, Maritime, A Piece Apart
  • Laptop or desktop?  Laptop
  • Online shopping sites:
  • Recent Google search: herbs for colon detoxification

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