My Universe: Clare Vivier

The epitome of California cool, Clare Vivier is our source when it comes to everything functionally chic. Our first stop on any LA trip, expect beautiful things (and collaborations) to come with this purveyor of purses.


MY THREADS Jeans Vintage Wrangler T-shirt Clare V. Sneakers Veja Heels Celine Flats Churches of London Boots Acne Sunglasses Clare V. x Garrett Leight Watch Rolex (gift from my father) Day bag Clare V. Sandrine Jewelry you wear everyday Grace Lee, rings and whisper bracelets Workout wear Aether Designers Ulla J., Rachel C., Apiece Apart, Caron Callahan Lingerie or underwear Cosabella Where do you shop In my neighborhood: Lake & Mohawk General Store Shopping mecca Seoul

MY BAG OF TRICKS What’s your sign Capricorn Workout(s) Hiking and Pilates Sport(s) Tennis Do you meditate No, but I feel like I should Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) Pilates instructor, Alexis Haretakis Morning rituals Espresso Evening rituals Red Wine Tea or tonic drink Tea, all types, all day Wellness idol Crystal Meers Guilty pleasure Red wine Skin care iS Clinical Cleansing Complex Soap Golda Sphere soap Perfume or Cologne Hinoki,  Monocle for Comme des Garçons Who cuts your hair Nina Lucas in her backyard Favorite beauty product RMS Eye Polish in Karma and Living Luminizer

MY DIGS Where do you live? Echo Park, Los Angeles Artist My son, Oscar Vivier Piece of art in your home Bella Foster Museum LACMA Pets Paco, our dog Sheets Matteo, Parachute Local restaurant Ostrich Farm Pottery Heath and Adam Silverman Minimalist or maximalist Probably a maximalist with a minimalist streak Hotel Lately it’s the Beekman in NYC Go-to dinner party recipe BBQ and salad Most used kitchen gadget Wine opener Favorite snack Anything salty Favorite drink Sparkling water What do you collect Vintage linens when in France What’s always in your fridge Butter, eggs, tortillas & yogurt

LIGHT MY FIRE Who or what inspires you My friends and family Favorite discovery Frogtown (neighborhood in LA) Favorite quote/saying There but for the grace of god, go I. I’m not religious, but I think this is a good saying to remember for empathy and gratitude. Fashion idol Currently crushing on Caroline de Maigret Crush New crush is Nate Berkus Ski Resort Aspen, although I’ve only been once I dream of going back Favorite charity Every Mother Counts Favorite color Green Favorite place in the world My bed Favorite movies Favorite that I’ve seen recently: Twentieth Century Women Favorite writers Nora Ephron, Donna Tartt Favorite albums Purple Rain Nightstand reading The New Yorker Necessary indulgence Espresso and wine Who would you want to be for a day A bird What’s your inner age 37 Song in your head at the moment It’s Fleetwood Mac but I cannot remember the name Dancing or karaoke Dancing

WIRED Phone iPhone Phone case none Blogs Garance Doré Go-to website Podcasts Pod Save America, Women of the Hour, The New Yorker Radio Hour, Fresh Air, Wait Wait Don’t tell Me Laptop or desktop both Computer bag Clare V. Attaché case Favorite gadget iPhone Wristwatch Rolex, ladies Datejust Recent Google search: Organic tampons, Staples office supplies, Henry Taylor, Miu Miu – Ballerinas,

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