My Universe: Cindy DiPrima Morisse

Our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Cindy is our high priestess of aesthetics. She’s dedicated her life to beauty, family, awareness and intellect and we’re all the better for it. Let her show you her inner and outer world, and find out what lights her fire.

Jeans White
T-shirt Isabel Marant
Sneakers Vans for everyday, Mizunos for running, Stan Smiths for tennis
Heels Black Louboutin Decollete 554s. I’ve had the same pair for over 10 years. They’re perfect.
Flats Jenni Kayne or Birkenstock
Boots Dries van Noten, Chloe and A Detacher
Sunglasses Illesteva, J.Crew and cheap wayfarers for the beach
Watch I don’t wear one, but I’ve always loved the Hermès Medor.
Day bag Jerome Dreyfus and Clare V.
Jewelry you wear everyday. My simple gold wedding band from Erie Basin in Red Hook and two Maggie Bracelets from Castor & Pollux and I’m currently manifesting a pair of gold Castor & Pollux Signet rings. Both will be hand engraved, one monogrammed with my initials and the other will say TIME.
Workout wear Usually it’s nothing special, but I do love Outdoor Voices and for tennis I love a skirt. My favorite ever is a tan pleated one by Stella McCartney for adidas.
Designers Joseph Altuzarra, Phoebe Philo, Dries van Noten, Jane Mayle and A Detacher. And the Italian side of me loves Dolce and Gabbana. Maybe a little too much.
Lingerie Journelle
Where do you shop I don’t! Well, almost never. When I do, it’s Barney’s, warm, APC or online at Heidi Merrick or Xirena.
Shopping mecca I’ve never been to 10 Corso Como but I’m guessing I’d like it a lot.
Online shopping site Net-a-Porter and Mille.

What’s your sign Virgo. (I actually have 4 planets in Virgo!) Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising
Workout(s) Yoga and running
Sport(s) Tennis
Yoga studio/teacher Diana Rilov taught me yoga. Every class she teaches is like a mini workshop, physically challenging, intellectually engaging and filled with warmth and humor. She is the impossibly chic Jewish grandmother you probably never had. You can find her in New York City at Equinox and exhale. Or on one of her incredible retreats in Tuscany. I also love Heather Lilleston, Krissy, Chloe and everyone at Sky Ting, Woom Center, Derek Cook at Kula and Dechen or Rima at Jivamukti. In LA, it’s Love Yoga.
Do you meditate Yes. I do TM. 20 minutes twice a day. It’s a life-changing practice that I would recommend to all.
Meditation teacher: Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation
Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) I’m lucky to have access to so many! Lacy Phillips is my manifestation coach, Dana James is my nutritionist and of course the facialists at CAP Beauty, Cara, Crystal and Amity
Morning rituals I like to wake up before my kids. I thank the universe for all that I have, ask for what I want and need and then practice 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation. Then I head to the kitchen for my Klaire Lab probiotics, assorted supplements prescribed by Dana (James) and a big glass of filtered water with lemon. I make lunches for the little ones and coffee in the Chemex for my husband and me.
Evening rituals Candyland with Louis, homework and stories before bed. Falling asleep in front of Netflix with my head on my husband’s chest.
Incense Palo Santo, Bodha and Astier de Villatte’s Oulan Bator
Tea Genmaicha
Tonic drink Cordyceps, Astragalus, Pau d’Arco and Lucuma with Tocotrienols and CAP Beauty’s Coconut Butter. Sometimes I add raw Cacao.
Wellness idol Norma Kamali and Gil Jacobs
Diet you follow Dana says to eat only beautiful food. That pretty much sums it up. And I eat as many vegetables as possible,
Guilty pleasure Cereal for dinner!
Toothpaste Anima Mundi and Olas mouthwash
Skin care I have a full regimen from Julisis with some In Fiore and Kristina Holey for Marie Veronique mixed in. I start with Julisis Silver Wash followed by the toner from Hannes Dottir. Then, Julisis Gold Elixir followed by a blend of In Fiore’s Calendula Oil and Barrier Restore by Kristina Holey for Marie Veronique. Next I smooth on Julisis Gold Emulsion and then his Eyemulsion around the eyes. I can’t believe how much I love every step and my husband tells me every day that I look younger than when we met.
Soap Pearl+ or EiR’s Active Body Wash
Lip color Axiology
Perfume or Cologne Julisis Day
Who cuts your hair Sarah at Seagull
Shampoo Rahua or Living Libations
Favorite beauty product The CAPtivator and my new obsession, Uma Hair Oil

Where do you live? Downtown, New York City
Artist Ed Ruscha, Joan Mitchell, John Singer Sargent, Tom Sachs, my friend Storm Tharp, Elizabeth Peyton and my great grandfather, Otto Henry Bacher
Piece of art in your home A charcoal drawing of clouds by Storm Tharp and an oil painting of trees by my great grandfather
Museum The Met is unreal and I really love the Rodin Museum in Paris. I’m also a big fan of the new Whitney. I love having it in the neighborhood.
Sheets I have simple white organic sheets from Coyuchi on our bed at home but I love the Palermo sheets from Olatz. For my kids, Coyuchi and Marimekko
Local restaurant En Japanese Brasserie for any and all occasions, BXL Zoute for lunch with the kids or big family get togethers, Injera for dinners with the CAP Beauty crew and Gene’s for its classic Village bar scene
Best cup of coffee in your town Buvette or the Rose Bakery
China Yellow Impero by Ginori
Pottery Humble Ceramics, Akio Nukaga, Henry Street and everything from my grandfather’s company White Cloud Farms Pottery
Favorite piece of furniture My walnut wood desk from Miya Shoji
Minimalist or maximalist Minimalism has its appeal but I’m a maximalist to the max.
Hotel I mostly just use hotels to drink coffee or champagne. That said, I love the Crillon in Paris, the Sunset Tower in LA and the Marlton downtown.
Dream dinner party guests Larry David, John McEnroe, Anthony Bourdain, the Obamas, Tina Fey and of course Laurent, Kerrilynn and John and my other favorite friends.
Go-to dinner party recipe A butter lettuce salad with lemon, good salt and olive oil goes with everything.
Most used kitchen gadget Our Vitamix and a 10” All Clad skillet
Favorite snack Moon Juice Rainbow Seed Crisps or Bjorn Quorn
Favorite drink In the summer, tequila. In winter I love a cold glass of Cava or Champagne.
What’s always in your fridge Lemons, bee pollen, fermented veggies, Anita’s Coconut Yogurt, probiotics and homemade nut, seed or coconut milk

Who or what inspires you Stella McCartney, Gloria Steinem, Michelle Obama and my sister-in-law Dana who has an almost supernatural understanding of how to be a mom
Favorite discovery Running
Favorite quote “The Universe gives you what you have the courage to ask for.” I think Oprah said it.
Fashion idol Mona Kowalska, the incredible designer of A Detacher, Solange Knowles, Jessica de Ruiter
Sports hero Novak Djokovic, Bethany Hamilton and my Ironman husband, Laurent.
Crush My Ironman husband, Laurent
Beach Barnegat Light, New Jersey
Favorite charity Cooke Center in New York. It’s a school for kids with disabilities and developmental delays. Louis is a student there and it’s the most magical place in the world.
Favorite color White and yellow and some shades of green and also navy blue.
Favorite place in the world Méounes-lès-Montrieux. It’s like Northern California but in Provence sandwiched between the Alps and the Cote d’Azur. Laurent and I plan to retire there.
Favorite movies Todd Haynes’ Safe, The Shining and Nashville
Favorite writer Nabokov
Favorite albums There have been so many. I don’t know where to begin. Off the top of my head. The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet, Sonic Youth Goo, Pavement Wowee Zowee, Serge Gainsbourg Histoire de Melody Nelson, any playlist by John Pamer or Storm Tharp.
Nightstand reading Twitter
Photography book Irving Penn’s Flowers and Avedon’s The Sixties
Necessary indulgence Our parking space, across the street from out apartment. It’s the most luxurious thing we do.
What’s your inner age 21
Dancing or karaoke Dancing

Phone The big 6S
Phone case A navy Vianel monogramed and engraved with emojis for money, love and success
Blogs, 101 Cookbooks, Free + Native, Mother Mag
Go-to website NY Times
Podcasts Rich Roll and RA MA
Laptop or desktop Both
Tablet A white iPad that has been commandeered by my kids
Computer bag A navy suede Baggu tote
Favorite gadget Heaphones
Recent Google search “Synonyms for Hippie”