My Universe: Alison Wu

Alison Wu keeps us rich in gorgeously healthy recipes and real life tips for staying well. On Wu Haus, the Scandi-stylish blog she inks from her home in Portland, Oregon, seasonal vegetables reign and tonic drinks flow like a mountain spring. Her recipes would be enough for us, but Alison rounds out her offerings with a look into the beautiful and healthy life she lives. Meditation, movement and design are all part of the package. We had to know more and so we asked her for a peek into her Universe. Read on.


Jeans Jesse Kamm

T-shirt OAK NYC Welden Tee 

Sneakers Reebok Classics 

Heels No.6 Shearling Clog Boots 

Flats St. Agni Paris Mule 

Boots Dieppa Restrepo  

Sunglasses Random $10 cheapies from my local grocery store

Day bag Baggu grey leather tote 

Jewelry you wear everyday Wedding rings, the only jewelry I wear  

Workout wear Outdoor Voices

Designers Selva Negra, Lauren Manoogian, Black Crane

Lingerie / underwear The Nude Label Boutique: Oroboro NYC Online shopping site: Need Supply



Astrological sign Gemini Sun/Libra Moon/Pisces Rising

Workout Backbody Project + Kait Hurley's online workouts

Yoga studio / teacher Michele Loew at The Yoga Space, Portland

Do you meditate Yes

Meditation teacher My own mantras - whatever I need for the day

Experts in your corner Meegan Gregg

Morning rituals Workout, matcha potion, read/listen to music/chat with my husband

Evening rituals Castor oil pack, read, herbal tea

Tea / tonic drink Depends on my mood

Wellness idol My 93-year-old Gramma

Diet you follow My intuition 

Guilty pleasure Celebrity gossip

Hairdresser Irisa at Ceremony in Portland 



Go-to dinner party recipe Whole roasted chicken and veggies and a lavish salad

Most used kitchen gadget Benriner mandoline 

Favorite snack My Walnut Cardamom Bliss Balls

Favorite drink Water

Collection Ceramics and crystals

What’s always in your fridge Matcha 



Toothpaste Dr. Bronner's Anise

Skin care January Labs

Soap Pré de Provence Honey Almond Soap Bar

Perfume / Cologne Maison Louis Marie No. 4 on my body + Crosby Emerald in my hair

Shampoo Sisters

Beauty product Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter For Lips - literally don't go anywhere without it



Home Portland, OR

Artist Laura Berger

Piece of art in your home Brass mobile from Lappalainen

Museum Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Pets Tilly, my Cavalier King Charles, and Rue, my Snowshoe Siamese

Sheets Parachute linen

Local restaurant Tusk 

Pottery Colleen Hennessey   

Piece of furniture Vintage mid century sofa from Denmark

Furniture store or designer Jacob Schaeperkoetter-Cochran of Young American

Minimalist or maximalist Minimalist

Dream dinner party guests Beyoncé, Barack and Michelle Obama, Alice Waters, Oprah, Grace Coddington, Rupi Kaur



Inspiration Color, shape, human connection, nature, spiritual practice

Discovery Herbal medicine 

Quote “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

Fashion idol Beyoncé 

Crush Chris Wu (my husband)

Beach Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Charity ACLU

Color White

Place in the world My Gramma's house in Chatham, Cape Cod

Movies Best in Show, Call Me By Your Name, Spirited Away, E.T., Moulin Rouge

Albums Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

Nightstand reading Currently, Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

Photography or coffee table book You Are A Circle by Prof. G

Necessary indulgence Organic food

Who would you want to be for a day My mom

Inner age Timeless

Song in your head at the moment Walk It Talk It, Migos

Dancing or karaoke Dancing



Apps Instagram

Phone iPhoneX

Go-to website Google

Laptop or desktop Desktop

Recent Google search How much did Beyoncé get paid to play Coachella?

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