MY UNIVERSE: Alison Beckner


A traveler of the world and of the otherworlds, Alison Beckner is a curator of experience, a connector of missions and minds, a modern mystic and seeker of wellness with style in spades. We're currently obsessed with the gorgeous site she shares with her Paris-based business partner, Jessica, Inside/Out, whose mission is to empower women through community, creativity and movement. Amen, Alison and Jessica.

And so, of course, we asked for a look into her vast and varied universe. From her current home in Mexico, she shares it all.


Jeans 10 year old J Brands, Cos high waist in all washes, Acne and vintage GAP.

T-shirt My favorite t-shirts ever are Proenza Schouler and old T by Alexander Wang. I also like ones from Cos, Isabel Marant, Gap and Monoprix.

Heels What’s that? Ha. I wore heels like crazy in my Paris fashion days and have permanent nerve damage in one foot as a result. I still have a lovely collection from brands like MMM, Alexander Wang, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin... but wear mostly flats these days. Especially in Mexico - it’s too hot and humid for anything else.

Flats Common Projects, Ancient Greek Sandals,  Birkenstocks 

Boots Margiela, Common Projects and Lanvin  

Sunglasses Eek! I love Dita, Retrosuperfuture, Mykita. Also vintage Chloe, some old Tom Ford ones, too.

Watch Sunrise, sunset and iPhone in between?

Day bag I rotate clutches from Ancient Greek Sandals, Caravana Tulum, Cos and Philip Lim. Also lots of Mexican mercado bags. Proenza Schouler, MMM and vintage Coach for more heavy duty needs.

Jewelry I don’t wear much jewelry, but when I do, I opt for vintage family pieces, some rings and earrings from Pamela Love, Giles & Brothers bracelets…I have a gold star necklace and a small diamond necklace from Greece that I haven’t taken off in years. The occasional colorful beaded piece from travels. 

Workout wear Live the Process, Girlfriend Collective, ADAY, GapFit, Nike, Outdoor Voices

Designers I have so many clothes from my time in Paris and then Greece, especially from my fashion years. But I’ve never been a big shopper. I travel so much and the more possessions I have the more it weighs me down. I take good care of my things and keep the good stuff for decades. In hot and humid Mexico, my wardrobe consists mostly of soft clothes! Shorts from Madewell, tees from Proenza, Wang and Cos, lots of shirts from Uniqlo and dresses. Organic cotton and linen pieces from Greece. When I play dress up, I pull from vintage pieces, staples from Acne and Lemaire, John Patrick Organics and Caravana, an artisanal Mexican brand that I used to consult for.

Lingerie or underwear Monoprix in Paris. They’re $15, extremely comfortable, mostly invisible and have just the right amount of support. For undies, Pansy, Baserange and THINX (gamechanger!). I would also like to try Nude. I’m always on the lookout for a good bodysuit, too.

Shopping mecca Flea markets around the globe. My favorite ever was at a temple in Tokyo.

Online shopping site I’m terribly unfaithful. The last thing I ordered was Everyday Oil. I do love to cruise around CAP!

Suit Birthday suit 100%


What’s your sign Pisces sun. Cancer rising. Taurus moon.

Workout(s) I used to be such a go-go girl, but have extremely limited options available to me in Mexico. And, in fact, it’s been good for me to cut back. I now realize that less is really more when it comes to my body’s needs these days. When I was in LA in April, I was introduced to 5Rhythms by Kate Shela, perhaps the best facilitator worldwide. My partner and I practice free movement dance now several times a week. I’ll supplement with running, yoga, breathwork, swimming, steaming, long walks or hikes when we’re in places conducive to that. I have a sort of hybrid workout that I do, inspired by Kundalini, The Class and ecstatic dance. It’s very musical and super cathartic. And I’m always down for cardiodance with trainers like Amanda Kloots and Katia Pryce.

Sport(s) Nothing now but I played competitive sports my entire childhood. I look forward to getting back to tennis and horseback riding.

Yoga studio/teacher I try all kinds of different teachers and styles depending on what my body needs at any given time.

Some favs include Jivamukti, Lucent and any class with Desiree Pais in NYC. In Paris my teachers are Benoit Piernot, Klara Puski, Amanda Dates and Dasha Romanova at studios like Kshanti, Yoga Village and Om. I’m generally game for a good Bhakti flow class wherever I am. love the music and devotional aspect. Marc Holzman is fantastic, too. You can take his classes on Yoga Glo.

Do you meditate Yes

Meditation teacher, venue or app I practice TM/Vedic. I learned TM in Paris, then took a refresher course with Thom Knoles a few years later. This practice is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. It’s so juicy and good.

I use the Insight Timer to keep track and also keep up with meditating friends around the world. There are some great guided meditations on there as well (anything by Tara Brach, a nidra called “Afternoon Delight”...). The Shift app is wonderful, too.

Experts in your corner Nutritionist Jennifer Hall Taylor (also the co-creator of The Shift app). One of the most intuitive, holistic and encouraging practitioners I have ever worked with. 

Mark Keister for Ayurveda (he consults in Paris several months a year, including at Le Tigre, as well as by Skype). He also practices and teaches Vedic meditation. He’s so deep and non judgmental. 

Julie Evonne Washington, aka 3rd Eye Goddess. I’m infatuated with her. Her power is contagious.

Lisa de Narvaez for breathwork, Human Design, coaching. She is a gift from the Universe. Simply being in her presence is therapeutic for me.

The Wildfire Initiative for breathwork, meditation, community, comic relief. I have nothing but love for these guys; they’re like brothers from another mother. 

Morning rituals Hydrate, meditate, hydrate more. Black tea with almond or coconut milk. Maybe take magnesium, definitely take Evening Primrose Oil (3 weeks/month), try to remember a probiotic. Make a smoothie with Sun Potion or Moon Juice when motivated. Stretch a bit if I’m feeling rusty. I love to journal if I have the spaciousness. Or take in a quick dose of Abraham Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, Shaman Durek or similar. It gets me and my partner properly programmed for the day.

Evening rituals All with my person, Arianna Solare: Second meditation around 5pm. Dog walks (kitties come, too). Ecstatic dance. Then it used to be time for a top shelf tequila. But we just decided to experiment with sobriety for a bit. We have so much going on and decided to see if it would help with rest, clarity and focus.

Tea or tonic drink Matcha or homemade chai in the AM. Sparkling water with lemon or lime throughout the day.

Wellness idol Georgia O’Keeffe, Jane Fonda, Oprah have all been pioneers in their own ways. But also Stephanie Tran (The New Jock), Jennifer Hall Taylor and pretty much all of the inspiring women we feature on Inside Out Women.

Diet you follow Low grain pescatarian. Though mostly vegan when in the States. Gluten free, no cow dairy (I’m allergic to both).

Guilty pleasure Dark chocolate. Though really no guilt!

Toothpaste Apivita with Mastica and Propolis.  This Greek brand is amazing. I love so many of their products! 

Soap I tend to collect natural, organic bars of soap from my travels. The Royal Honey shower gel from Apivita is also excellent. 

Lip color Kosas. Love so many but Rosewater is the best pink I’ve ever found.

Perfume or Cologne Annick Goutal Ambre and MMM original men’s.

Who cuts your hair I have been going to Thea at Tosler Davis in New York for 25 years. Next level cuts and a dose of Pisces psychic healing to boot. When in Paris, it’s David Mallet or Rishi at David Mallet salon. No contest.

Shampoo I have a ton of unpredictably wavy hair. I’ve been co-washing for years now and it works for me. Hairstory and Sachajuan are my favorites. 

Favorite beauty product Three-way tie between Everyday Oil, Vintner’s Daughter and In Fiore. And coconut oil for travels.


Where do you live? Current base: the Yucatan Peninsula. Before that, Paris for 18 years. Greece off and on for 7. Next stop: LA!

Artist My love, Arianna Solare.

Piece of art in your home Mike Kelley and a painting by Paige Coleman (an Albuquerque-based artist and family friend).

Museum The world!

Pets Fur babies - one of my favorite subjects. I have one, a Cavalier King Charles whose name is Ela but we call Zouzou; she is truly an emotional support animal. My girlfriend has 2 dogs and 3 cats as well, plus a street dog we have been fostering. Pack life rules.

Sheets Clean, fresh and cotton/linen, please.

Local restaurant Home cooked meals.

Best cup of coffee in your town I barely drink coffee anymore. I love it but it makes me a bit reactionary; blocking the communication between my head and my heart. Foursigmatic is a good compromise for me, and so tasty. There are 2 local spots in Valladolid that I’ll go for a splurge, though: Trèsvanbien on Calzada de los Frailles and Coffee Bike in San Juan. The later also hosts bike tours of cenotes and cantina crawls. In NYC I love 9th Street Espresso.

China Family collections but everything is in storage for now.

Pottery A ceramic unicorn by Hinrich Kroeger.

Favorite piece of furniture Anywhere I can meditate comfortably.  

Furniture store or designer Anything and everything Apparatus

Minimalist or maximalist I think my friends would describe me as a minimalist. But I definitely have some secret junk drawers that I constantly aspire to clean out but mostly just avoid.

Hotel Chablé Resort & Spa for the overall experience. Be Tulum for the property and beach. The rooms and spa at Azulik Tulum.

Dream dinner party guests I have an amazing tribe, so moments with them are already dreamy, both deep and filled with laughter. However, I wouldn’t say no to adding any or all of the following to the table: Stevie Nicks, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pema Chodron, Jim Carrey, Ellen Degeneres, Virginia Woolf, Hannah Gadsby, Ralph Waldo Emerson, my late paternal grandparents…

Go-to dinner party recipe Cretan boureki and a big fat Greek salad or dakos.

Most used kitchen gadget Tie between lemon/lime press, vegetable peeler and blender.

Favorite snack Harvest Snaps, homemade spiced nuts, raw carrots, apples and vegetable chips.  

Favorite drink Don Julio Reposado but for now, I’m replacing with iced hibiscus with cinnamon, cardamom and lime.

What do you collect Experiences

What’s always in your fridge Sparkling water, coconut water, 60 kinds of hot sauce, almond butter, tahini and fresh vegetables.


Who or what inspires you Music, travels, words, nature, my tribe

Favorite discovery Going off the grid

Favorite quote "That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing." - Simone de Beauvoir

Fashion idol Iris Apfel, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda in Klute, Frida Kahlo, Stevie Nicks.

Sports hero Serena Williams and Billie Jean King

Crush My nephews, Thad and Parks

Beach Paxos and Antipaxos, Greece. Sian Ka’an and Isla Holbox, Mexico. Point Dume, Malibu.

Ski Resort I used to snowboard but haven’t been in years...

Favorite charity I love what George Speros is doing with non-profit My Dream for Animals. Also The Rescue Freedom Project. When I can I volunteer for Second Harvest and Rural Resources. Planned Parenthood is a good one, obviously, as well.

Favorite color Depends on mood, season and environment, but lately I have been really into tropical greens and deep yellows.

Favorite place in the world Snuggles with my love and my dogter.

Favorite movies Paris, TX, Pretty in Pink, Harold & Maude, Friday, Dazed & Confused - the list is long and eclectic. I love to laugh or cry or both.

Favorite album Really hard to say. I have been obsessed by music for as long as I can remember. I love Fleetwood Mac, Mazzy Star and Sade. Also Ibeyi, Geoffrey Oreyma (his album Exile was my gateway), Warpaint, The XX, Stone Roses, Rhye, Dolly Parton. Lately I also love The Blaze, Christine and the Queens, Young Paris...

Nightstand reading The “to read” list is soooo long. I use the Pocket app a lot. Book-wise have been trying to get through Vagina by Naomi Woldf and Women Who Run with Wolves for some time now. Tara Brach Radical Acceptance. Pema Chodron. How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan. Recently read and loved Ariel Levy’s The Rules do Not Apply. 

Photography or coffee table book Gerhard Richter, William Eggleston, Diane Arbus and Wolfgang Tillmans, Henry Darger. Moon Juice and Ottolenghi for food porn.

Necessary indulgence Sleep, sex and silence.  

Who would you want to be for a day The best version of myself. Every day. Or my puppy.

What’s your inner age 19 and 78

Song in your head at the moment Watching the World, Surahn

Dancing or karaoke Dancing for sure. Though I do love both.


Apps IG, Whatsapp, Zoom and Google Translate

Phone iPhone 6s

Blogs I’m mostly following accounts on IG these days, though I do enjoy The Local Rose, The Thinking CAP and a few others.  

Go-to website Inside Out Women (we’re still in startup mode so I’m on it a dozen times a day) 

Podcasts My friend Lauren Bastide’s La Poudre is the best! I also love so many of the Tim Ferriss episodes, So Retro, Oprah, Shaman Durek.

Laptop or desktop Both to this day. I spend so much time online for content creation so I really appreciate a big screen.

Tablet iPad mini with Kindle app

Favorite gadget Can I shout out to Dame?

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