My Universe: Alexandra Fine

Alexandra Fine, a credited sex therapist turned inventor, is on a mission to blur the lines between sex, beauty and fashion. Alex and her engineer business partner, Janet, set out to create a line of sex toys and  de-stigmatize a traditionally taboo topic. Stimulating in more ways than one! Within one year of rigorous product development in their Brooklyn studio and after a wildly successful round of crowd funding, Dame Products was born. Now, Dame is proving that sex toys are a wellness tool, just like yoga mats or meditation apps, and no longer relegated to the back of the nightstand drawer.  Read on for a look into Alex's wide open universe.


Jeans Vintage Levi’s

T-shirt Vintage t-shirts (Vintage Twin has some really good ones.)

Heels I love Loeffler Randall platforms

Flats Birkenstocks, always

Boots Doc Martens

Sunglasses Komono

Watch iPhone X 

Day bag Matt & Nat

Jewelry My gold band

Workout wear Outdoor Voices

Designers IIana Kohn, Mara Hoffman and vintage

Lingerie / underwear Target!

Online shopping site Gosh, it really varies! Usually my go to's are Need Supply, Dollskill and Net-a-Porter


Astrological sign Pisces sun, Leo moon, Libra rising

Workouts Yoga, DANCING, Jogging, Barre, Pilates

Sports no… not really

Do you meditate Yes

Meditation teacher, venue or app Right now I'm reading Chogyam Trumpa. I sit. I discuss my readings and discoveries with a group of peers.

Morning rituals I ~love myself~ often in the mornings. I do some sort of movement meditation or exercise. I read in the morning to engage with some content that reminds me of the bigger picture. I usually find some inspiration or daily intention in that content and that sometimes helps me when I’m bogged down in the nitty gritty.  

Evening rituals CUDDLE. I should have a better evening ritual. It apparently can do wonders for your sleep. But mostly... I cuddle.

Diet you follow Stop eating when full. And the closer food is to its original form, the better.

Guilty pleasure I refuse to feel guilty about my pleasures. Also, I love cartoons!

Toothpaste Crest in the plastic bottle. I hate tubes.

Soap Mad Hippie cream cleanser

Lip color Vapour’s Siren is doing it for me now

Perfume / Cologne Jo Malone Wood Sage + Sea Salt

Shampoo Dr. Bronner's

Favorite beauty product Hanahana Beauty Shea Butter



Home Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Artist  Robin F Williams

Piece of art in your home Pua Melia by Pegge Hopper

Sheets Parachute

Local restaurant Oxomocco

Best cup of coffee in your town Ovenly

Furniture store or designer Adaptations

Minimalist or maximalist Ahhh, that’s such a tough question. Both!? I’m mostly a minimalist for day to day life but damn do I love a good print!

Hotel Hoxton Hotel 

Go-to dinner party recipe Spinach salad with walnuts

Most used kitchen gadget The Seamless app

Snack Peanut butter

Drink Wine. All of it!

What do you collect Experiences

What’s always in your fridge Something expired



Inspiration My friends inspire me.

Discovery It’s all an illusion

Quote "My work is to be honest. My work is to try to think clearly, then have the courage to make sure that what I say is the truth." - Maya Angelou

Fashion idol Diane Keaton

Sports hero What are sports?

Crush Literally everyone…

Ski Resort All off them! I grew up going to Vail but I fell in love with BAMF last winter.

Place in the world Home. I love traveling, but I love being home too!

Movies Amelie 

Albums LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening

Nightstand reading At the moment, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (can’t wait to be done with it, though).

Photography or coffee table book I have a Kandinsky coffee table book that I love.

Necessary indulgence Dark chocolate

Who would you want to be for a day The president of the United States. Not Trump, OMG do I want to be Trump? I guess I want his job for the day, not his body or soul.

Inner age 9

Song in your head at the moment PYT by Michael Jackson 

Dancing or karaoke Dancing



Apps: Moment and Asana

Phone iPhone X

Phone case Incipio Stashback

Go-to website Asana

Podcasts 99% invisible

Laptop or desktop Macbook Pro

Computer bag Matt + Nat

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