Meet Metadia

Meet our newest addition to our shelves, Metadia, a new skincare line out of Toronto that is dedicated to the power of simplicity and ritual. Their Copia Face Oil has quickly earned a coveted place in our medicine cabinet and with their guiding principle of less is more, as well as a goal of caring for the mind and the body through the practice of skincare, this elegant newcomer is a welcome addition to our shelves. And now yours.

What inspired the creation of Metadia? 

Brittney: We want to inspire a holistic personal care practice that prioritizes caring for the mind as much as we do for the body. Inspired by our own journeys, we have come to realize personal care is a continuous, imperfect process. Balancing work, health, relationships and personal time is a challenge. Over the years, I found that my skincare routine was the thing I looked forward to the most. It offered a moment to pause and create time to give back to myself. We want to share this experience with others by creating effective products made from well-researched, high-quality ingredients with sensory pleasure at the forefront.


What does holistic personal care look like in your own lives?

Brittney: Prioritizing time for friends and family, watching a few episodes of our favourite shows, getting good sleep and going for walks now that the weather is warm. Care manifests itself in many ways and it doesn’t have to follow a template. 

Dwayne:  Personal care goes well beyond product for us. I try to spend some time being active on a daily basis. In addition to trying to improve my tennis skills, I’ve been running a lot lately. I find it to be a great way to prioritize time for myself, very similar to my skincare practice. On top of that, I try to learn something new every day which hasn’t been too difficult while starting Metadia!


Tell us a bit about the formulation. How did you land on these ingredients? 

Brittney: The name Copia comes from the word cornucopia meaning “in abundance”. The goal was to create a face oil that offered the skin an abundance of nourishment. We’re both very interested in the science of skincare and how effective plant-based ingredients can be for skin health. We spent a great deal of time researching ingredients with proven efficacy that also offered a pleasing sensory experience. We spoke with our friends who come from different backgrounds, skin types and levels of familiarity with skincare. Our goal was to create something that was easy to use and addressed common skin concerns like inflammation, protection against oxidative stress and offered nourishment through vitamins and omega fatty acids. 

Dwayne: The weight and skin feel was an important consideration as well. We chose a base of ingredients that are considered to be “skin-identical” which means they closely match the molecular weight of the skin’s naturally produced sebum to ensure a comfortable finish that the skin would readily receive.


Why is natural skincare important to you?

Dwayne: We believe in nature’s ability to nourish and heal. As humans, we are a part of an ecosystem and much of what we need comes from the earth. Through creating our formulations with plant-based ingredients, we hope to bring light to the efficacy of all that nature has to offer.


Any tips for applying the face oil? 

Brittney: We recommend 3-5 drops after cleansing and/or the application of serums. It’s important to remember that the weather, hormones, sleep and nutrition all affect how our skin is feeling. Adjust your dosage as you see fit. It is great on its own or you can add a few drops to your favourite moisturizer to add nutrients. It also has a beautiful, slick texture for facial massage.

Dwayne: Personally, I like to apply closer to 8 drops in the evening because I like to go to bed feeling extra moisturized! I also apply it to my beard as I find it helps keep it looking well-maintained and healthy.


What skin type works best with your Copia face oil?

Brittney: We created Copia Face Oil to suit most skin types. I have very oily skin and I use 3 drops in the morning over lightweight serums followed by a generous application in the evening. On the other hand, my mom who has very balanced skin prefers to use 5-8 drops as a final step in the evening after the application of masks and serums. We recommend that you adjust your dosage based on your skin type.

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