Meet Our Healers: Rachelle


The newest addition to our team of CAP Beauty healers, Rachelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of Supernatural, the gorgeous high health cafe inside of Woom Center. Rachelle combines natural medicine with practical habit-building to help people find balanced, lasting vitality. A student of Shamanism as well, Rachelle has studied the relationship between plants and people and guides us to seek health through a deep connection to nature, the Source of life. The plant kingdom is ripe with medicine. Embrace its healing, embrace its life force and let Rachelle be your leader.  

How did you come to find a love for wellness, healing and skin health?

Truly, I have always loved wellness, though it took some time to realize how deeply and thoroughly it’s part of me. Growing up on a farm and with parents in both western and alternative medicine. I was surrounded by ideas about and encounters with the relationship between body, mind and nature. My earliest fascination was exploring the effects of the world on our human experience. That is: how what we eat, drink, see, think, believe changes our wellbeing.

It’s a path I’ve pursued since, through spiritual studies and around the world, and mostly in holistic and plant based medicine. When others began asking me to share what I’d learned, that fascination became my career and full time practice. I realized I’d always loved it and believe I always will.

Of all the questions I get, the most common may be about my skin! I always give credit to the plants first. And then also to my mom who taught me some great face washing techniques early on.

What inspires you most about your practice?

Far and away I’m most inspired by the health changes people are able to make with me. When someone’s health improves, no matter how small the victory, we are both elated. It’s absolutely priceless to be able to facilitate that kind of goodness!

Otherwise, I’m a seeker through and through so the availability of information in this field, be it ancient or brand new every day, keeps me digging, studying and excited every minute of the day.

What are you up to when you’re not in the treatment room?

So much! Ha. With Supernatural, I may be at my cafe serving herbal drinks, consulting on menus or new wellness projects, chatting up my new product or teaching somewhere in the city. In a good season, I’ll be on retreat somewhere with a great jungle or studying a new plant or practice with someone special. Every day, I’ll have an amazing workout (running is my happiest place) and then escape somewhere silent to recharge and contemplate it all.

If you could offer one piece of advice to those looking to better care for their skin or wellbeing what would it be? Please share one pro tip you’ve discovered along your path.

Eat more plants! Good old fashioned produce. Whatever you have access to and simply more of it. From there, worlds of goodness are possible.

What rituals do you practice?

I have opening and closing rituals for my day that are brief, but really important for helping me feel focused and grounded. After all of the morning beverages but before leaving the house, I sit in my apothecary for a few minutes and breathe. I also use some plants to help root me there, but I like to keep those details to myself. :)

In the evening, it’s the same. I’m an introvert and vata and very high energy and type-A, so corralling all of my energy, settling it back in my body and straightening myself out is critical. It also feels great.

Can you describe your morning or evening routine?


Rise. Read one chapter from the Tao Te Ching. Start hot water for morning drinks. Rinse (not wash) my face and rehydrate with toner, moisturizer and mists if it’s especially dry.

Make the day’s drinks, which are currently:

1/2 cup of cold-brewed coffee with MCT oil, mucuna pruriens and l-theanine, which I drink while getting ready and often don’t finish all of.

Thermos of broth: Long-simmered ginger root, miso, nutritional yeast, ashwagandha, and the CAP 8AM O’CLOCK blend, which I drink throughout the morning.

Green juice (big, like 32oz) in the summer or a veggie-heavy smoothie in the winter. Steamed yams in smoothies are amazing!

Grab my meal-prepped food for the day, gym clothes, and I'm out the door.


As soon as I get home, I ditch all my bags and take off my clothes. I’ll put more on, but as little as possible and in the summertime, the windows are always open so I can feel the breeze. I love to be barefoot and relish the physical relief of minimal clothes and a good stretch. Most nights end with me on my yoga mat, gently working it out.

Dinner at home is unusual because I practice intermittent fasting and have usually eaten all my food earlier in the evening. There’s often some more work to do before I quit the screen-time, ensure I have all my food for the following day prepped, and make tea. My current brew is CAP’s 10PM O’CLOCK blend, ashwagandha, and my clients’ favorite blend of nervous-system soothing herbs: lavender, skullcap and oatstraw. I also test a ton of herbs so more often than not, I’m using something new.

I also wash my face every single night no matter what I’ve done or where I am. It’s really relaxing for me and I take my time. I also love skincare so the routine and play of trying new products and taking special care of that hard working body part is really pleasant. 

What does “Beauty is Wellness” mean to you?

Wellness can be a beautiful thing. When we’re in it for the right reasons or helping others to find it or it’s making our lives better, truly, it can be the foundation we need in order to be as we hope to.

What have you discovered lately that’s fed your beauty?

My go-to's for beauty haven’t changed in a long time: Greens, water, sleep, sweat, and more moisture! I really appreciate humidity (or a humidifier) and simple skincare products. I have fallen in love with overnight masks recently. A single-step routine is really great for travel, too.

But diet first, seriously. I’d recommend green juice over a serum any day.

What brands, products or ingredients are most excited to you right now?

I recently spoke for a brand using Ginseng in skincare, which is pretty special. That plant is phenomenal. Otherwise, I like Vitamin C and have loved a Lactic Acid serum for years now. SPF always. Jojoba oil for body and hair all the way. Honey is also amazing for skin!

I’m pretty basic though very particular with my skincare: my favorite cleanser is by Dr. Bronner’s and my moisturizer is essentially olive oil and honey (Egyptian Magic). That said, I can’t resist investing in serums or eye treatments ...

What are your top 5 CAP Beauty products?

CAP BEAUTY THE O’CLOCKS!  Especially 8AM and 10PM.


PINK MOUNTAIN SALT  Salt is super important for hydration!


ONE LOVE ORGANICS VITAMIN E EYE BALM brightening and rejuvenating.


Join us as Rachelle guides us through HERBALISM 101 on January 9th, 2019 at 7pm. Click here for event details.

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