Meet Amity. Amity Spiegel is an esthetician at our CAP Beauty spa. A healer at heart, Amity was raised in the hippie wilds of Western Mass surrounded by strong women and progressive ideas. She started getting facials as a teen when she struggled with breakouts. And, after a move to New York and a brief stint in publishing, it was a calling for self care that drew her back to the treatment room, this time as a facialist. With over a decade of experience, she relishes the chance to help others heal. Her hands are magic. When she isn’t at CAP, you’ll find her listening to Sonic Youth, following fashion and film or day tripping with her husband and young son. Here we take a deeper dive, to uncover more about her approach to ritual, health and luminous looks. If you've been lucky enough to be seen by Amity, then her soulful answers won't surprise you. Read on. She's here to heal. Then come see and be seen.

How did you come to find a love for wellness, healing and skin health?

I often joke that it’s because my parents are hippies but it's true. Before my sister and I were born they lived in the wilds of Maine with no running water or electricity. I was raised with natural products and whole foods from birth. My mom was a member of a food co-op and I would pour over the catalog of skincare and circle the products that I wanted. As a teen with acne I was naturally drawn to facials, seeking help. There is a beautiful store in Northampton, Massachusetts, called Joia Beauty, that offers amazing holistic facial treatments that inspired my skin care journey. My mom bought me Annemarie Borlind products for my teen acne that felt ritualistic, luxurious and healing. About 13 years ago I was drawn back to skin because I craved a deeper connection to helping people. I went to the Aveda Institute because I wanted the most holistic training possible. Working with Dr. Hauschka was another early career influence. I was lucky enough to have some incredible mentors in my path who taught me and inspire me greatly. Esthetics in New York can sometimes feel solitary and competitive but my experience has been that of creating a community of women who are healers for ourselves and our clients. I treasure my fellow estheticians. I am so inspired and excited by the world of natural skin care and feel grateful to have a career that I adore and am so passionate about.

What inspires you most about your practice?

I get very inspired by learning. At CAP we are consistently trained by the brands that we carry and are always learning. The world of skin and science is constantly changing. And clients are often teaching me things. I always learn so many tips and tricks from fellow estheticians and fall in love with this career all over again. Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey are huge inspirations to me. It's also incredibly gratifying and inspiring when you're able to connect with a client and you both can see dramatic change in their skin. There is no better feeling than helping a client heal their skin.

What are you up to when you’re not in the treatment room?

When not in the treatment room I'm spending lots time with my son who is 8. I love to travel and try to take as many trips as possible. I feel passionate about many current political and social issues. I love seeing bands, seeing art, dancing, eating delicious food, being in nature, spending time with friends and lots and lots of self care!

If you could offer one piece of advice to those looking to better care for their skin or wellbeing what would it be? Please share one pro tip you’ve discovered along your path.

I think a combination of using the right products for your skin along with a healthy diet, good sleep and good digestive health are keys to overall well being. Avoiding alcohol, not smoking and staying out of the sun always pay off on your skin. And self love. It is important to know yourself and where your priorities lie. We all want to look our best but if you are a skincare minimalist you must honor that or be willing to change if dramatic results are what you are after. To thine own self be true. One thing I wish my clients all know is how beautiful they truly are and how beautiful their skin is. There is no such thing as perfect skin.  Appreciate the good things about your skin. When dealing with an imbalance try to be curious but avoid self blame and perfectionism.

What rituals do you practice?

My skin care routine is a twice daily ritual which I love. A spiritual connection and meditation is an important daily ritual, focusing on my mental health is a huge weekly priority for me. I started seeing a naturopath, Dr. Nicole Egenberger, which has been life changing and take supplements every morning and every night. I stopped drinking coffee and I drink tea in the morning which is an important morning ritual. I am always lighting candles, incense and burning sage and palo santo in my apartment. We have Friday night movie night ritual with my son. And weekend pancake ritual.

Can you describe your morning or evening routine?

Evening is my longer routine. I do my whole skin care routine as soon as I get home from work to make sure it gets done before I am too tired. I double cleanse my skin to remove my makeup with an oil cleanser first then a milk or gentle foam cleanser. My products vary depending on what I have or if I am trying something new. Then I always tone to rebalance and remove any last traces of grime, apply eye cream and my night treatments. I eat dinner, pack my sons lunch for the next day while making dinner (classic mom hack). I like to take sleep enhancing herbs at night like The 10pm O'CLOCK blend from CAP to help with a good night's sleep. Morning is generally much faster, I shower but I don't wash my face or my hair most mornings so it's super speedy. Just lots of body oil, toner, serums, face oil, make up and perfume. I take all my supplements and loads of water. Squeeze in a meditation. Try to walk a bit. Try to breathe a lot. Notice all the amazing-ness of NYC around me. Feel grateful.

What does “Beauty is Wellness” mean to you?

"Beauty is Wellness" to me means both beauty and wellness are an inside job. To be able to access your health and beauty you must heal and look within. A combination of knowing yourself truly and deeply and then acting on that knowledge with a hearty dose of self acceptance.

What have you discovered lately that’s fed your beauty?

Finally seeing a naturopath. I had put it off for years because of the cost but it has been revolutionary for me and my son. I think it is really important to find a professional whether it be an esthetician, body worker, acupuncturist, nutritionist, health coach, someone who you really like who can help guide you with focus. There is a lot of information in the wellness space so finding someone that you trust can elevate your wellness journey to the next level of healing.

What brands, products or ingredients are most exciting to you right now.

It's winter so I am really into my winter skin routine which is very different from summer. It's about layering and involves lots more products. I have been oiling my body before and after showering. I had never tried oiling before but we had a training with Angela from Jiva Apoha and it has been life changing! For face I layer my Marie Veronique serums, then top with a heavier face oil, either the Barrier Lipid Complex or I have been trying their new Men's Finishing Oil which is very special. Then depending on the day I may need to top that all off with a face balm like the Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream, or the In Fiore Fleur Vibrante.  

What are your top 5 CAP Beauty products?

CAP Pink Mountain salt, I use it every single day, multiple times a day. Face oil in general. Some favorites include Marie Veronique, In Fiore, Votary, Max & Me, Dr. Alkaitis, Province Apothecary, de Mamiel, May Lindstrom, Living Libations and Pai Skincare. The CAPtivator Anointing Oil is one of my favorite smells, Kjaer Weis lip products and lastly Marie Veronique serums (especially Barrier Restore and the Gentle Retinol serum).

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