Maude: The Pleasure Principle


Éva Goicochea has made it her mission to share the power of sexual health by creating an inclusive, simple and quality driven company that is redefining the landscape of pleasure. Her company, Maude is beautifully designed and built for joy, and are the latest objects we've added to our arsenal of wellness tools. Read on to discover what drove her to concept maude, and what keeps her inspired and grounded. Whether solo or in partnership, turn to maude to uplevel your relationship with your body and mind.

What inspired you to start Maude?

The sexual wellness industry has been monopolized for so many years by the same tired male-focused incumbents who have created an uncomfortable, confusing and transactional landscape. The response to these legacy players has been a pendulum swing: Hyper-feminine, trend-focused newer brands that are often just as explicit and young. Our take at maude is that sex is human.


Why do you think this category is important? What would you tell someone is just starting to explore Maude?

Sex is an important part of everyday health for all people, but the current industry is fractured, approaching sex as either something clinical or taboo. Maude is a modern intimacy company for all people and we believe sexual wellness should be approached like any part of wellness: The products should be safe, easy-to-use, and delivered in a friendly way making the customer feel comfortable and empowered. By elevating the design and marketing in an inclusive, healthy way, we hope to continue to help destigmatize sex and foster the next chapter in the industry so that sexual wellness can easily be understood as a part of overall wellness.


What practices do you turn to (besides maude!) to elevate how you feel?

My general self-care routine is no-frills: I have a quick skincare routine (always wear sunscreen), take my vitamins, drink Happy Belly every day, and try to keep everything simple.

I try to walk most mornings, am a pescatarian, and I get 8 hours of sleep a night—even if half of it is on the couch sometimes. On the weekends, we go sailing (in the summer) which resets any stress. It's a very integrated approach to being happy and whole.


What excites you most about the future for sexual wellness?

We're watching the shift happen in real time, sexual wellness will continue to become a more and more visible part of holistic mental and physical health. I'm excited for maude and sexual wellness to find even more shelf space—digitally and physically—where you shop for the rest of your personal care routine. As a category that sits at the intersection of body care, scent and wellness, it makes sense for it to be approached with the same visibility. 

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