Matcha 101

Matcha is a religion at CAP Beauty. Revitalizing for both the skin and the mind, matcha has easily become our favorite high vibrational habit. This bright and earthy Japanese green tea powder was first consumed in Japan in the 12th Century by Buddhist Monks. The masters of meditation have used matcha for centuries to promote a calm, steady focus and energy.

Our day isn’t complete without our matcha rituals. We love it in a soothing morning latte, mixed midday into our favorite face mask (to reduce inflammation and even skin tone), and as a summertime, afternoon pick me up blended with chilled coconut water. Mood enhancing and energizing with a surge of antioxidants, we can't get enough of this exquisitely vibrant green tea

The CAP Beauty Matcha comes in many forms, and for good reason. We like The Big Matcha at home and The Neat Matcha Stick Box on the go. Individual size serving sticks make it easier than ever to travel with high health in your bag. Wherever you land, our matcha is Ceremonial Grade, USDA Organic Certified, sourced from Shizuoka, Japan and always delicious. Drink it in. Begin within. 

How do you do teatime? Or should we say, how do you dew teatime? 


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