Marula Magic


South African duo Craig and Julia Noik started the LA-based African Botanics as a sort of love song to their homeland. The Floral Kingdom of South Africa’s Western Cape is the most ecologically diverse plant kingdom in the world and the spot where African Botanics blends the powers of these ancient plants into divine formulas that mimic the breathtaking beauty of the coast. Rich, light-filled and pure, this oil is truly transformative.

Pure Marula Oil from African Botanics is a cold pressed, weightless, anti-aging botanical oil sourced from the remote pristine areas of South Africa's Marula Belt. Powerful Antioxidants and Vitamins C + E  help cells renew, resist and protect you against free radical damage. Marula is exceptionally high in Essential Fatty Acids that deeply hydrate skin and reduce redness while protecting against the elements and softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin elasticity, and plumping and revitalizing your complexion. Use as an anti-aging moisturizer or as a serum booster on all skin types all year round. With a super fine texture, it encourages healthy collagen production leaving supple, dewy and deeply nourished skin behind. Gorgeous glowing skin by way of Marula.

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