Behind Closed Doors: Mandy Madden


We believe deeply in the power of consistency and it seems we’re not the only ones. Mandy, who at one point in her life, suffered from acne, attributes a change in perception coupled with discipline and consistency to her current glowing state and is sharing what that looks like for her. With ritual and intention, you can expect a mind body connection that brings your best face forward. 

What is your skincare philosophy? 

I strongly believe in consistency and discipline as two key ingredients in any skincare routine. To make this more enjoyable and less of a long list of items on a to-do list, I think viewing skincare through a lens of self care can be extremely valuable in changing one’s mindset around caring for their skin. People are more likely to take great care of their skin when they see it as a treat they deserve versus another obligation or boring part of adulthood.

How do you start your day? 

I start my day early - usually by 6am, I am up getting ready and enjoying my morning skincare routine before mum duties begin. My daughter Kaia normally wakes up around 6:45, when I get her ready for the day and bring her downstairs for breakfast. I love that my family gets to cook and eat breakfast in the kitchen together for about an hour every morning before work begins!

What do you always keep on your nightstand? 

I am very fond of simplicity and clean lines, so my nightstand follows that same rule, meaning there isn’t much on it. I love to keep coffee table books about design next to my bed, where I get so much inspiration. Reading before bed is a great way for me to wind down, so that’s usually by my side. To create a relaxing bedtime experience that stimulates all senses, I also have a warm cup of tea and a beautiful candle to comfortably ease into sleep.

Where did your love for skincare begin?

My grandmother is a huge inspiration for me, and I have fond childhood memories of watching her  - a strong, powerful woman with a great balance between family and her career - applying Amla oil to her hair. I would say it began there, and was reinforced over the years as I embraced my skin as part of my power, despite that my darker tone when I grew up brought teasing. It also surprises many people that if left to its own plan, my skin is very acne prone. I so often say that skincare is an important part of self-care and discipline, and those statements were born of my own experience doing exactly that; treating my skin with the love it deserves, which has paid off dividends in multiple facets of my life.

Favorite beauty ritual?

On Sunday evenings, I do a weekly at-home facial where I take the time to really care for my skin beyond my day-to-day routine. I include Kaia in this, so she has a great example to follow, and so we spend that girl time together bonding. Between our Sunday evening rituals and our bath time together, it is hard to choose just one favorite!

What advice do you have for someone dealing with acne or any skin conditions? 

Again, it comes down to discipline. The first step anyone with any kind of skin conditions should take if they don’t have a skincare regimen is to start a basic routine and stick to it. Many times, simply doing that can dramatically reduce any issues. Once that has become a habit, adding in targeted products and actions based upon any concerns works wonders. Of course, it is always a smart choice to see an expert (like a dermatologist or esthetician) if you have access. There are a lot of wonderful resources on my blog, including issue-specific suggestions.

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