Make the Magic


Written by The Sphinx & the Priestess

Champagne, sequins, and gorgeously sloppy midnight makeout sessions aren’t the only reasons why New Year’s Eve is so magical. It’s also time to take personal and spiritual inventory, revisit past goals and aspirations, and to set new ones that align with your higher self and greater purpose.

As the clock strikes midnight on the eve of the New Year, it’s culturally ingrained in us to make unattainable resolutions. These unreachable goals primarily focus on the “lack” in our lives or unhappiness with our physical appearance. It’s as if once we see that certain number on the scale or in our checking account everything will suddenly all fall into place. While it’s great to feel aligned both on the physical and the earthly planes, a badass barre class and a financial advisor are great self-investments, it’s also important to craft intentions that feel good on a deeper level. You know, the soul-level yearnings that resonate with your truest subconscious desires.


How do we address our deeper desires?

It’s far easier to address the superficial or the easily accessible. It’s harder to find and articulate the intangible qualities that will make your life feel complete, your soul feel full. The key to accessing our deepest desires is to simply get quiet, whether this is through meditative practice, yoga or doing something you love that feels effortless. You just have to slow down and BE. This is easier said than done, but try it. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll find there.


What is the difference between setting intentions vs. manifesting?

Once you’ve spent some time assessing the deeper desires you hope to accomplish, the next phase is actually making it happen. This is the part of the process that trips us up the most, actualizing intentions to take them from idea form into action.

There is a big difference between setting intentions and the act of manifesting. As a Tarot reader, Palmist, and intuitive, many of my clients have an adverse reaction to the term “manifest,” since they believe it’s something only accessible to witches, mystics, and “woke” people. On the contrary, everyone has the power to manifest their desires. There’s no secret potion or cryptic ritual, all it requires is a strong belief in your personal power and a trust in the process.


Should we try to manifest all our desires at the same time?

Rather than choosing five or ten things you’d like to actualize, why not start at one solid goal? People think that the power is in the quantity of accomplishments but I have found this to be the opposite. Too many intentions is like having too many plans on a Saturday night, you end up not going out, overwhelmed by the myriad of options. It’s all about quality when it comes to manifesting. The quality of attention you give to your goals makes them more likely to happen.


What is your process?

After completing a meditative ritual to isolate exactly what I want to manifest, I typically take a piece of paper and write out a mantra that encapsulates what I want in my life. I find that keeping it simple and explicit works best. Some people disagree with exactitudes when it comes to manifestation practice, but I find that the more specific, the better. Generalities and ambivalence when it comes to your desires can be disastrous and will always lead to disappointment. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. Also, (pro-tip!) make sure to always write your mantra in the present tense.

Once my mantra is written, I place it on my altar along with my Solstice New Year’s candle. First I read the mantra written specifically for that candle, which was crafted and channeled to help clear the space and energy and light the path for new intentions and manifestation. After my space is cleared, I read my handwritten mantra aloud eight times letting the sound of my voice vibrate through my sanctuary as I visualize myself actively engaging in the life I want to lead.


Any tips for keeping our manifestations top of mind?

Affix your mantra to a mirror, the fridge, your computer, or any space where you will have everyday contact with it. You want it to literally interrupt your current thought patterns and habitual actions, that’s how it will start to manifest. Find time in the midst of your daily or weekly routine to get quiet and visualize the near future and what life will be like once your goals are accomplished.

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