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Love Yoga + Spring


At Love Yoga we draw tremendous inspiration from the Cycle of the Seasons, especially as  perceived through the lens of Chinese Medicine.  In Chinese Medicine all things are mediating Yin and Yang and the seasons are no exception.]


Summer is the high point of Yang, the most bright, hot, energy bubbling at the surface time of the year.  Winter is the apex of Yin, the quietest, darkest, and coldest moment.  Spring and Fall are the transitions between these two extremes.  As Spring rises, yang energy begins to wax.  Days get longer and warmer.  Nature begins to sprout.  You can feel the excitement begin to rise from the dormancy of the season past.  We put together these 5 postures to sync you with the energetic movement of this precious moment within the cycle.

1/2 Seated Spinal Twist:  Spring is the season of the Liver.  This is the best time of the year for detoxifying and cleaning up your home and body.  Twists help to wring out the liver so we included 3.  This first twist is pretty simple.  Bend one knee and hook the opposite elbow around it, revolving your spine and using the leverage of the contact to make it deeper.  With twisting, always use the inhales to find length along the spine, and the exhale to move deeper.

Partner Seated Twist:  Everything is better with friends!  Sit back to back and use each other to revolve.  Detoxing the liver has never been so fun!

Standing Spinal twist:  This is the deepest twist.  Come to low lunge, with your front knee and 90 degrees, stacked right over your ankle.  Keep your back leg anchoring back rigorously, or set the knee down to modify.  Hook the opposite elbow outside the bent knee and bring your hands into prayer.  See your self on a spit, and revolve around it.

Warrior 2:  Tap into your Yang power!!  This posture is masculine!  Embody the archetype of the Warrior to sync with the burgeoning energy of Spring.  Assert yourself!  Take up space!  Extend energy out!

Bow Pose:  Stretch the liver and embody the exuberant rising of Spring with this awesome back bend.  Grab your ankles and use the strength of your legs to lift yourself up!  If this is too much, take locust pose.  Interlace your fingers behind your back and lift you head, neck, shoulders and legs up.  Think that you are making a shallow, integrated arc that runs through the whole body.

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