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Kerrilynn's Summer Picks


Since relocating to the West Coast almost a year ago, I’ve become one with the skies. And as I’m on the road more than ever in my life, I’ve come to rely on a few new favorites, my fellow travelers that keep me flying high. In style. In sparkle. And in sleep.


I've been a fan of Clare's for years and was thrilled to collaborate with her on these beyond beautiful dopp kits. Black with a marigold zipper and coral nylon interior, it finds its way into John's suitcase as well. But whoever lays claim to it, it holds a perfect edit of our health and beauty musts and does so in impeccable style. An uplevel in every way for this newcomer to the travel game. 


From the queen of natural luxury comes this perfect hydration laced with the light-refracting magic of diamond dust plus a complex of minerals to give me the glow when travel takes its toll. Hyaluronic acid locks in the moisture, for youthful supple skin even in the air.


My love for our Matcha is no secret. Both organic and ceremonial grade, it energizes and brings me to a place of calm focus. No jitters, just clean energy. And that's exactly what I need to succeed at home or on the road. And while Matcha may be everywhere these days, our CAP Beauty Matcha simply isn't. And so I come armed. Our Matcha Sticks, individually packed portions of the green stuff, let me take it to go. Anywhere and everywhere. Get the full package or start small with our Matcha Stick mini box. Then fly high.


Kristina Holey has been a friend and advisor to CAP Beauty since our inception and even created the protocol for the CAP Beauty Facial that keeps us taut and radiant. For those unfamiliar with her brilliance, she exists on the cutting edge of science and natural formulation and focuses on creating health at skin's surface through a deep dive into both internal forces and the skin's own biome. When she launched her line of products, a collaboration with the also brilliant Marie Veronique, I was all in. With its focus on supporting barrier function, protecting from environmental damage and replenishing both nutrition and hydration, this mask is my ultimate travel companion. Don't leave home without it. I sure don't!


Some of my favorite scents come together in this beautiful unisex deodorant. Rose, sandalwood, cedar and vetiver collide inside this weighty but compact package. A luxurious addition to my morning routine that always makes its way inside the dopp kit. And yes, it works!


Thanks to Carla Oates and her team at The Beauty Chef, I can get a deep night's sleep and a riot of probiotics in one shot. The Beauty Chef's Inner Beauty Powders are naturally fermented whole foods, designed to take daily and easily, even on the go. SLEEP relies on turmeric, passionflower and lemon balm to calm and beautify and gets a dose of naturally occurring melatonin from sour cherries. Whole food nutrition, real fermentation and a good night's sleep. One and done. 

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