Kerrilynn's Spring Picks


For us, spring is possibility. We are reborn, rekindling our deep love affair with Mother Earth. We plant in her soils, roll in her grasses and dance in her rains. We know in our hearts that, for the next half-year, our bodies will be warm, and our spirits will be light. Longer days and sultry nights, we welcome you. Here are the tools I'm using to during this transitional, treasured time of year.


Join the cult of oil cleansing and say hello your cleanest, dewiest, most nourished skin. Dissolve makeup and the impurities of modern living while infusing your skin with hydrating, antioxidant rich botanicals. With anti-inflammatory turmeric, healing blue tansy and calendula, this golden oil soothes, detoxifies and delivers radiance. It's unique formula leaves no residue and rinses with simply water. No double cleansing required.


Brightland was born from the desire for ultra pure, healthy and honest oils. Made from 100% California olives, Awake is teeming with lifeforce, flavor and nutrition on high. Hand-picked heirloom Arbequina olives lend notes of artichoke for an herbaceous, bright oil as delicious as it is authentic. Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants. High health begins here.


From the depths of Iceland’s crystalline waters comes Hannes Dottir’s Mineral Mist. This facial mist carries all the best Iceland has to offer, resulting in luminescent, vibrant skin. Silica promotes collagen production and elasticity of the skin, while Iodine increases cell regeneration. Spearmint Oil lifts your energy level and calms any lingering redness. Revel in the natural wealth which Iceland has to offer.


Jennifer Sun grew up mining health from the mysterious New York City herb shops she frequented with her father. She’s now on a mission to modernize Traditional Chinese Medicine, bringing balance into our busy lives by infusing medicinal herbs into the foods we eat daily. Sun Power Almond Butter delivers energy and supports Qi, while boosting immunity and circulation and fighting inflammation in the body. It’s also wildly delicious thanks to organic stone ground almonds, activated sesame, vanilla and coconut nectar. Salute the Sun and rise. 


Want to know the real secret to lasting beauty? Love! The intoxicating scents of Sandalwood, Neroli and Clary Sage transport you to a magical and euphoric land through the scent of flowers while Gardenia, Crown Flower and Lotus work on an energetic level to create and promote love from within. A collaboration with the brilliant Katie Hess of Lotus Wei, this energy mist elevates you to a true place of love and devotion while increasing your libido. Hop on board the love train and radiate your beauty. The world is sure to be CAPtivated. 

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