Kerrilynn’s High Summer Picks


As we move towards the cooler months of Autumn, I’m holding on to my love for summer but adding in some practices and products to ground me down for one of my favorite times of year.

 La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray 

When I can’t get to the beach, this is the next best thing. A spray that mimics the magical powers of the ocean has a place in my cabinet, especially during this busy summer. And probably right into autumn. Saltwater heals all.

Moon Deli Meditation Tonic  I’m diving deeper and deeper into my meditation practice and this tonic allows me to drop in easily. With a grounding blend of Red Reishi, Schisandra and Gotu Kola, this tonic soothes and calms my system all while tasting delicious.

Wonder Valley Face Oil  I love anything this power design and food duo create so I was super happy to see their latest addition land on my desk. This beautiful face oil completes my evening routine and allows me to happily indulge in a long and thorough face massage. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Axiology Lipstick  Beautiful colors, beautiful packaging. Need I say more?

In Fiore Veloute A brilliant multiuse balm that is equally good for the eyes and the lips. And with an ingredient list that includes shea butter, pink pepper, saffron, bitter orange and jasmine I find myself using it all day, everyday. It also happens to be in one of the prettiest packages around. (Ed Note: Velloute will be back in stock soon! In the meantime, if you’re looking for something similar, try Fleur Vibrante.)

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