Kerrilynn’s Early Summer Picks


Summer is almost here so I’m gathering my most loved items to take me through the the bright and sun filled days to come. Here’s what I’m using to transition to my most treasured time of year:


 The Genmaicha My newest afternoon ritual, our organic Genmaicha grounds me and satisfies my afternoon cravings. Toasted brown rice and green tea marry to create the perfect pot of tea. I drink it hot or iced. Either way I love it.

Westwind Orchard Raw Honey My beautiful friend, Laura and her enchanting Italian husband, Fabio, are the caretakers of Westwind Orchard where this honey hails from. Rich, decadent and filled with love, it’s the perfect elixir for your skin. And your tonics.

Shiva Rose Face Cream True luminous beauty. Get lit with this beautiful cream. It illuminates and lights me up. Both inside and out.

RMS Tobacco Road Eyeshadow Moody and elegant, this eyeshadow brings the mystery. For a night where anything can happen, this is what I reach for.

RMS Contour Bronze When I can’t get to the beach, I reach for this. The perfect solution to days spent inside, I consider this to be my sunshine on demand.

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