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Mother, Healer and Lover of Hip Hop, Kalisa Augustine is the definition of well rounded. A practitioner of deep and expansive energetic healing that combines four different types of vibrational therapy, shamanic technique and intuitive counsel, her work is best described as the clearing of energetic root blockages behind physical manifestations of disharmony.


She first realized her gifts as a child, but not understanding why other people didn’t see what she saw, she closed herself off to it. It wasn’t until age 19 that she began a powerful meditation practice, leading her spiritual exploration so deep it opened up a world she couldn’t ignore.

I remember at one the The Program events, you told a story to Kerrilynn about finding a meditation record that started up your practice. Can you share that story?

Once upon a time, before Apple, you would go to record stores, put on headphones and listen to music. I was 19 in New York and I just went into the record store and was listening to music. One of the albums that I put on, I don’t know how it got there because I didn’t necessarily choose it, was a meditation. And as soon as the meditation started playing I sorted of tranced out. I was like “Woah, what is this? What’s going on?”. I was very inspired because I felt how easy it was for me to meditate with a little bit of intention. I ended up getting that cd and every night would start meditating. Quickly it got so deep for me that I was able to access certain places in my own stillness that opened up this whole world of exploring spirit and energy.

What’s the process like for starting your own healing practice?

It’s a lot of self study, trainings and going through periods of working with teachers during your spiritual evolution. It’s definitely a combination of all three. Despite teachers, courses and books, the most powerful teachings are direct downloads from spirit. I remember there was this period where I was really getting deep and I was just talking to them. My older sister was in yoga training at that time, and she would come back and we would talk about the same concepts. She would be like “How did you learn that”, and I would answer “in meditation”. It was downloaded. It was given. There are just some moments when you’re meant to work with teachers and mentors, and there are some moments when the most powerful wisdom comes from understanding knowledge on so many levels within the depth of your being. I think that’s the most powerful way to go about spiritual exploration. With a sense of discernment, healthy skepticism, trial and error, reading, training courses and collaboration. All of it.

You mentioned your sister is into yoga, do you find that your family is spiritual?

My mother is very wise, and my father is very sensitive and intuitive. So I had two beautiful and powerful people to learn from. My older sister and I are both seekers. We’ve both gone on our own paths but my sensitivity level is so powerful that if I didn’t get it under control it could have been destructive. With that level of sensitivity you need to understand and master what you’re dealing with.

So when you’re working on your clients, how do you avoid taking on their energy and not let it effect you too much? Do you absorb people’s energy when you are healing?

I used to. Very much so. Especially in New York City. The nature of what I do can be really intense in this city. In the past I have had moments when, after working on one client, I need two days of recovery. The skill set of not taking on things from my clients comes with practice. You must have extremely health boundaries. I cannot have a single leak going on. What’s so beautiful is that I am constantly going deeper within myself. It’s an intimate and infinite journey. The deeper I get into it the better I get at it.

What’s something that you’ve learned from your clients or your practice?

That everybody is awesome, everybody fucks up and it’s all cool, man. It gives me a great acceptance for the human condition, because everybody’s going through it. We’re all just here to see how hard we can love despite circumstance. When you do that, you’re a G. That’s it.

You’re well rounded. You have a love for hip hop that goes alongside your love for spirituality and mysticism. How do you keep that balance?

You know what’s funny? I always felt like I don’t fully mix in with the healer crowd. I’m not “woo woo”. I don’t like that. But I’m very sensitive and mystical. I dance so well in different circles that I’m going to create a new archetype by blending these worlds together.

What are the practices you do everyday to keep you grounded?

I’m high maintenance. In the morning when I get up, I drink herbs from my acupuncturist and do a grounding meditation immediately. I connect my tailbone to Mother Earth, I call in my energy and I ask to be of service. Then I move on to my book of positive aspects to try to get my energy, mindset and vibration right for the day. I just write about good shit like things that I like and things that I’m grateful for. Then I have my coffee and breakfast, get my daughter to school, and get into the city to see clients. I try to fit in sweating or a yoga class at the end of the day or beginning, depending on how my schedule is going. In the evening I do a longer and deeper meditation.

You recently moved to Tarrytown from the city. How has that move affected you spiritually?

It keeps my vibe mad high. It restores my juju. I really appreciate having moments of downtime and stillness, so it helps in that capacity.

How does your line of work affect how you raise your daughter? Do you see signs of her having the same intuition as you?

Absolutely. It makes me a fantastic mother. We have a really beautiful intimacy and authenticity. I’m very honest about the way that I approach people and the way I approach parenting. She’s raised around what I like to call practical mysticism. She understands energetic dynamics, probably in more profound ways than I could ever imagine because she’s been raised with it. I have no doubt that she will become a force of healing, in whatever capacity she chooses.

How does mysticism relate to beauty for you?

Because mysticism is expansion. Mysticism is looking at the world from multiple perspectives. Think about that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The mystic is able to see and feel beauty with greater depth. You are able to look at the human condition with expanded vision, and that becomes powerful and super beautiful.

What does beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty mean to you?

Beauty is about highest potential. Living a lifestyle that’s conducive to your highest potential is ultimately the most beautiful thing in the world.

Top picks from CAP?

I use my CAPtivator everyday. I spray it on in between clients. And the Coconut Butter! I’m obsessed.

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