January Events


For those of us obsessed with ritual, self care and betterment, there’s no brighter time than the dawn of a New Year. Here’s what we have planned to nurture our intentions and take our resolutions higher. Join us and take the fast lane to your best year yet.

Wednesday, January 11TH at 7pm

SHRANKHLA HOLECEK THE RITUALS OF AYURVEDIC BEAUTY 7PM The founder of Uma Oils leads us through the traditional beauty rituals of Ayurveda. Shrankhla hails from Los Angeles but was raised in India where she learned these practices from her family. Simplicity, integrity and balance are the cornerstones of beauty, and vitality is born through self care and practice. Learn these rites and let this be your year to radiate.

Wednesday, January 18TH DIÈRY PRUDENT RELEASE YOURSELF 7PM The Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of RolPal teaches the techniques for Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Mobilization. Move lymph, accelerate recovery and tune in to your body with his strong and simple moves. Dièry is our Healing Artist in Residence. Book a private session or take advantage of this evening when he shares his knowledge and leads us all down the road to ultimate fitness.

Wednesday, January 25TH KATIE HUGHES BULLET JOURNAL 101 7PM Chronicle, track and activate your every ambition through the magic of the Bullet Journal. Our Head of Brand Development and resident guru of getting things done, Katie Hughes, leads us through the steps to create your own Bullet Journal.

Friday, January 27TH COLLEEN McCANN DESPACHO CEREMONY The Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and founder of Style Rituals leads us through a traditional Peruvian Ceremony to honor and give thanks to Pachamama or Mother Earth. Through offering and intention, we express gratitude, open our hearts and minds and give life to our dreams.

As always, all events are free to all. RSVP here.

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