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Drink it in. We’re all too familiar with the ubiquitous eight glasses a day. Water is life, and we all benefit from drinking enough. We know you’ve heard it before, but hear us out. Hydration is key, and every aspect of your health will benefit. Including your skin. So many of our customers come to us in winter months complaining of dry and dehydrated skin. Here’s what to do.

Find a glass you truly love, and consider it your portal to hydration. Keep it handy at home and at work. Add lemon, if that helps. Another great tip is to start the day with a big glass of filtered water with lemon. This alkalizes your system and jump starts your digestion, setting you up for a day of healthy habits. It’s especially important to do this if you are inclined to reach for a cup of coffee before eating.

Water should be filtered or from the spring, but we urge you to rethink the plastic bottle. There are great options for filters, from an under-sink installed unit to a ceramic countertop vessel or high-style pitcher to a chic water bottle that travels with you.

Drink all day, but not with or right before a meal, as that can make for more complicated digestion. And, wait about an hour after eating to hit the bottle again.

While lemons are a common addition, we also like to spike our water (especially a well-sourced sparkling mineral water) with sea buckthorn pureed berries. It’s super tart and bright orange, and makes a great alternative to an evening cocktail. Sea buckthorn berries are one of nature’s highest sources of omega-7 fatty acids, also known as the beauty nutrient. Sea buckthorn berry oil is even used topically to treat burn victims, because it’s a potent anti-inflammatory. Taking it internally encourages healing and hydration from within. So, raise a glass.

We've highlighted our hydration heroes.



Meet WALTER, the thoughtful hand thrown, clay vessel for purifying your drinking water. We collaborated with WALTER to bring you this limited edition colorway. WALTER can hold over one gallon of filtered water and is compatible with most gravity filters. We recommend using the Berkey Filter (included with the purchase of WALTER), which provides the ultimate in waterborne contamination removal. Purely beautiful, drink it in.


This hydrosol makes its appearance several times a day around our offices and when we’re on the go, whenever we need a boost, a refresher and frankly whenever we think of it. Thanks to its heavy dose of Bioidentical Hyaluronic Acid, a quick spray of this heavenly mist plumps up skin for a revived and youthful glow. By boosting skin’s natural hydration, it keeps moisture levels balanced and helps to firm and tone, delivering long-term benefits as well. It's okay to use over makeup so keep one close at hand for an anytime dose of Tata’s anti-aging magic.



A toner and moisturizer in one, the Hydrating Accelerator enhances the delivery of hydration and nutrients into the skin by flooding cells with herb and vitamin infused aloe water. Skin is plumped, firmed, softened and protected while circulation is boosted and redness is calmed. Restore the skin’s innate healing and make your skin more receptive to masks and moisturizers with this healing, hydrating wonder.


Instant relief in sweet serenity. Melting only upon touch, this sweet soothing rescue is a powerful skin savior. Enveloping even the most sensitive skin in deep calming hydration, Sweet Serenity protects skin from extreme conditions while relieving dryness and calming inflammation. Topped off with a high vibrational blend of Helichrysum, Palmarosa, Muru Muru, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Geranium, it makes the ultimate night time treatment to take skin to cloud nine.

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