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Alison Powers Kleinert grew up with a love of astrology. To her, it was a mystical wisdom that offered guidance, direction and the feeling that no one is ever truly alone. The comfort she felt through the metaphysical led her to learn Vedic Meditation and study under Dr. Naina Marballi to become a Certified Holistic Practitioner of Ayurveda. This mind body science teaches that although we are each unique individuals, we are all beautifully interconnected to each other, the natural world and the stars above. While Ayurveda taught her how to attune to nature’s rhythm, her study of Human Design empowered her to activate and listen to her body’s higher consciousness.

The beauty of Human Design is that it helps you uncover the joy of living your life with all of your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned to your truest SELF.  Just as Vedic Meditation gives you a mantra to guide you through your meditation, Human Design gifts you with an emotional GPS to navigate your daily life and experience. Your inner dialogue will become more intuitive and relationships with your loved ones more conscious and compassionate. Alison's readings will help you feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones and the magic that enfolds when you begin to listen to your divine intuition.  

Join us for a chat with Alison Wednesday April 17 at 7pm at our NYC store. We'll dive deep into how we can use the findings of Human Design to optimize and thrive. RSVP here.

What is Human Design and where does it originate from? Can you give us a top line overview please? 

Human Design is a system of self-knowledge that draws from modalities as various as the I’Ching, Vedic Astrology, the Chakras and Quantum Physics to create a map of the energetic self. This visual mapping, called the body graph, offers insight into why you are the way you are, how you are energetically designed to exchange energy with the world around you and how to begin to activate your personal powers within.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System, “downloaded” the entire system in eight days back in 1983 while on the island of Ibiza. My very logical mind resisted this story at first but found the information so spot on that I was willing to look past my cynicism. Ra said many times, “Don’t believe a thing I tell you, try it for yourself.” And I am so grateful I did.

How did you find this practice?

To be honest, I didn’t find this practice, it found me. I was hosting a weekly Ayurvedic Lunch at Kollectiv and the owner of the space wanted to know if we were energetically in tune to work together. So before I knew it his “reader” was on speaker phone letting me know I was a “Sacral Manifesting Generator” and needed to respond to life. Interestingly, I had been feeling like I was pushing things to happen in my life and feeling frustrated with the results.

On my subway ride home I googled “Sacral Manifesting Generator” and even though the information that was available at the time was a bit “out there”, I felt in my gut this was something that I resonated with. I had my sons charts done the following week and knew instantly that I wanted to be the catalyst for other people to be empowered by this beautiful knowledge.

What information is used to determine one’s chart?

Biirth date, time and location. That's it. The body graph chart is a snapshot of the Cosmic Soul the moment you were born.

Who should have a Human Design reading?

I think Human Design (or any healing modality) will present itself at the perfect time. So if you feel an inner urge to have a reading, you definitely should.

What are people generally looking for when they ask for a reading?

They are generally asking for guidance or understanding. Most always know the answer to their question, but have disconnected from their innate wisdom. I gently guide them back to themselves and what their soul wants. And what the soul wants is always the correct decision, we just need to begin to listen more. 

Can you give us some examples of how to utilize Human Design in your day to day life?

Everyone has “signature emotions” that serve as guideposts as to when you are living your design and when you are not. I like to compare these emotions to your mantra in Vedic Meditation. They just keep you in your magic lane. When I am living my design I should feel satisfied. However, when I am not being true to my authentic self, I feel frustrated or angry.

It’s important to really feel these emotions in your body and know them well. When I begin to feel frustrated, I can now recognize this emotion and instead of going down a frustration spiral, I bring myself out of it by gently figuring out what led me to this feeling. By knowing my design, I can usually pinpoint exactly what it is. I can then be more gentle with myself and almost have fun with it. By having a reading done, we will figure out your triggers and you will be able to always guide yourself back to your true nature. Your internal dialogue will become more gentle, compassionate and a bit playful.

So you have the initial reading and you say ones general chart will never change. Is there a reason one might want to schedule a follow up? Does anything shift over time?

Your chart never changes, but you will experience a shift. As you begin to experiment with the foundation of your design you will release non-self behavior and begin to embody your true nature. Your energy will begin to feel lighter and this creates space for a more intimate and authentic connection with yourself, loved ones and the Universe’s Guidance.  

The aspect of Ayurveda that I love so much is the daily and seasonal practice it teaches to attune to Nature’s rhythm. This inspired me to create a practice to integrate our human design seamlessly into our daily life. In astrological tradition, every month has a Ruling Planet with distinct characteristics. Our body graph gives us our personal energies that correspond to each planet and we create expansion by living out the highest expression of these energies. For example, this month’s Ruling Planet is Mars and it's a good time to create movement and be brave in our life. My Mars energies are ‘The Queen’ and ‘The Role of Self’, by working on my personal Mars energies this month I was asked to give a talk at CAP and be featured here! Coincidence, I think not! Working with the Universe is the best life/career/love coach you can possibly have.  

You can learn about starting a monthly practice with your Human Design through a one-on-one session with me or if you are in NYC, attend my monthly gatherings. I have a book, workbook and next year will have a 2020 Calendar for you to be self sufficient and hopefully will inspire you to start your own gathering with friends as well. Connection is the key to health and the more we reach out and are REAL with each other the better.

It must take a lot of dedicated energy to offer these in depth readings. Do you find this energy exchange naturally feeds your Human Design personality? 

Yes.  When I read someone’s chart or sit down with them, I understand their energy and Spirit. My purpose is to help you embody and trust in your true nature. I get a lot of joy doing it and it fuels my connection to my Spirit as well.

Also, I am a 6-2 so the more I help people the better I feel about myself! So please, let me help you!

What has been your biggest learning as one who administers these personal readings?

The biggest thing I have learned is that we are very much connected to ourselves and we are just looking for a confirmation of who we are and what we came here to do. Human Design really strengthens my trust in the Cosmic Soul. You want to believe that there is a Divine Plan and something guiding us all, really the feeling that we aren’t alone. This information is just so rich and in depth that we really are being given proof that we are all connected.

What sort of advice would you offer one who is looking to dive deeper into understanding Human Design? Any resources you could share?

My advice is to start experimenting with the foundation of your chart, which you can pull up here. Jenna Zoe has such a great instagram account and also has videos and podcasts on her website. The Definitive Book of Human Design tells you everything. And, if you want to start a monthly practice or attend a monthly gathering reach out to me here

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