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We’re told that in polite company we should avoid two topics: politics and religion. To that we might add natural deodorant. Deodorant is, arguably, the single most important product we can change. And yet, it's also many a natural beauty junkie's dirty little secret. After all, no one can afford a bout of body odor. And so we hold tight to what we know works. But, there are some incredible new brands tackling odor like the best of them. Without compromising our health. And if at first you don't succeed, keep at it. Not every formula works for every body. You may have to kiss a lot of frogs, but in time, you'll find your match. Live in high health and seek the heat.

Agent Nateur  My personal investigation into natural deodorant was cut short thanks to Agent Nateur and their gorgeously woodsy Holi(man). You see, once you find it, there’s no going back. And this, with its heady scent and weighty feel does it all. Including work. Along with its cousins Holi(Stick) and Holi(Rose), a collaboration with Shiva Rose, Holi(Man) hits the sweet spot where luxury meets natural. Agent Nateur’s deodorants keep their form and are less messy than many other natural sticks which keeps it clean while you keep clean. Those with a sensitivity to baking soda can try their Holi(Stick) Sensitive, which is baking soda free and vegan.


Schmidt’s Deodorant Sticks  Schmidt’s originally launched as a cream deodorant that had to be applied by hand. We were thrilled when they formulated a stick version bringing their same effective formula to a simpler and more accessible format. Generally to convert a cream product to a stick, a lab will add beeswax. Schmidt’s uses candelilla wax, keeping their product vegan and cruelty free. Schmidt’s sticks come in a variety of scents and operate by neutralizing odor thanks to the use of baking soda and arrowroot. A base of jojoba and coconut oils plus shea butter soothe, nourish and calm the skin. Their scents derive from essential oils and online reviews claim that Schmidt’s are safe and effective even on sensitive types.


Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Stick  A friend who would know once told me that Norma Kamali applies magnesium to the soles of her feet to conquer body odor and skip the deodorant. Whether there’s any truth to that tale, it is in fact true that body odor can stem from mineral deficiencies and in particular, a lack of magnesium. This is Schmidt’s classic stick deodorant enhanced with minerals from magnesium, arrowroot and sodium bicarbonate. Activated charcoal cleanses and detoxifies. The scent is reminiscent of freshly fallen rain for a mineral bath and stony clean feel.

By the way, don’t fear its deep grey color. We’ve tested this one and it won’t stain your clothes.


Vapour Aer Next Level Deodorant  This magical gel-to-powder formula glides on like a gel and dries down to, you guessed it, a powder. Light on the body but super effective, Aer combats odor at the source with bacteria fighting oregano, myrrh and tulsi. Again, we find baking soda and arrowroot in a base of coconut oil to nourish and soothe. Use with a light hand as this is a highly concentrated formula. 


Mother Dirt AO+ Mist  Much like the gut, our skin plays host to a symphony of bacteria that live and thrive and keep us healthy. But modern living has stripped us of this army which has given way to conditions like eczema, irritation and, yes, body odor. The team at Mother Dirt is on a mission to repopulate our skins' biome and many who use their AO+ Mist have found relief from a variety of skin conditions, but also from more day to day nuisances like dry skin and odor. Add this in to your daily routine to lessen your need for deodorants. The founder of Mother Dirt hasn't showered (or submerged his skin in water) in over 13 years. His faithful employees report he doesn't stink. Extreme? Perhaps but it speaks to the power of a healthy biome. AO+ Mist is available in store only.


A word on sensitivity:

Some find that natural deodorants can cause rashes and irritation. This may be the result of baking soda or a sensitivity to certain essential oils. If you are rash prone, Agent Nateur recommends trying an apple cider vinegar wash. Apply ACV and warm water to a washcloth and apply to underarms before using deodorants. Or seek a baking soda free option like Agent Nateur's Holi(Stick) Sensitive.

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