Host(ess) With The Most


It’s the season of celebration, invitations and parties on repeat. And if you’re anything like us, you arrive bearing gifts. Hosting is hard work, after all, and hard work should be rewarded. We like to say thanks with gifts that deliver radiant health and high (vibe) spirits. Here are some of our favorites for when the standard bottle of bubbly just won’t do.

Moon Juice Cookbook There isn’t a host in the world who doesn’t love a new cookbook and the new one from Moon Juice is as beautiful as it is packed with healthy, vibrant recipes. A bible for the good life.

CAP Beauty The Matcha Our organic and ceremonial grade Matcha delivers smooth energy and a calm focus. Cooks will love it as a star ingredient for baking or blended drinks. Others can take it straight. The perfect pick-me-up and health tonic in one.

Kypris Inflorescence Body Elixir When your host has given all she has, this body treatment gives it back. Bright and beautiful with notes of Bitter Orange and Neroli, this exquisite oil delivers mighty anti-aging power with a refined and elegant hand. Give this and you’ll definitely be invited back.

Butter Elixir This earthy body oil has a sultry addictive scent and keeps skin supple through even the driest months. A cult hit among the yoga-fashion-fine art set, its simple packaging and concise ingredient list appeals to the minimalist in all.

Moon Juice Dusts Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon crafted these tonic blends for an easy entry into the wide and wonderful world of adaptogens. Invite your host to the party with a Moon Juice Dust designed to ignite creativity, spark libido, calm, energize, open the heart or deliver focus.

CAP Beauty Palo Santo Arrive bearing the gifts of the intoxicating and energy-shifting holy wood. Good vibrations and intoxicating woods in one little package.

CAP Beauty The Anointing Oil Spread the love. This is the concentrated roll-on version of our much loved CAPtivator. Notes of Rose, Neroli, Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Clary Sage intoxicate while the mood shifting magic of flower essences encourage love, magnetism and libido. This is, for real, the gift that keeps on giving.

CAP Beauty The Pink Mountain Salt The perfect addition to any pantry, our Pink Mountain Salt is harvested high in the Himalayas. Pink, pretty, pure and packed with 84 trace minerals, it’s the perfect addition to any table setting.

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