Superfood studded, nutrient dense honeys are a CAP Beauty favorite. Our offerings dive deep into honeys loaded with raw enzymes, vitamins and minerals that support the immune system, protect the gut, banish inflammation and balance blood sugar. This bounty is packed with nutrition and plant enzymes. A spoonful a day of these magical honeys are a sweet way to keep the doctor away.


Mānuka honey is as central to natural beauty as any single ingredient can be. Its natural antimicrobial properties and ability to soothe and hydrate make it a perfect addition to any cleanser, serum or cream and many even use it straight from the jar as a cleanser or mask. Many who suffer from conditions like cystic acne, severe sensitivities and rosacea, find relief by substituting there other products with straight Mānuka honey. It can also be taken internally to support the immune system. All Mānuka honey hails from New Zealand, home to the Mānuka bush. We're partial to Activist Raw Mānuka Honey which is unprocessed, produced in small batches and is teeming with the life force of the hive. The lovechild of Luke and Gabrielle, a surfer and art director who split their time between California and New Zealand, Activist is committed to sustainability, relationships and purity of product. 


Committed to packing the pantry with easy to use staples that deliver superior health. This Golden Honey is a powerful blend of spices in enzyme rich, probiotic and antibacterial raw honey. Eat by the spoonful, stir into tonics or add to warm water or nut milk for an instant golden latte.


Westwind Orchard in New York's Hudson River Valley was originally planted in the 1930s but now plays home to Laura and Fabio who purchased the land in 2002, leaving behind a life of fashion. Apple trees, bees and a wood fired oven comingle here. Raw and unprocessed and sourced from happy and thriving Italian and Russian bees, this honey is pure nutrition. Westwind nurtures and cares for their colonies with fastidious attention to detail, letting bees roam and pollinate freely and ensuring every hive has their own honey to survive the winter months. The result?  Spoon a dollop of this delicious amber treasure on to anything that requires a touch of sweetness and a hit of goodness. 


Ancient modern magic. Dark Horse’s organic, raw unpasteurized wildflower honey is bursting with the life force of the hive. Chef Greg Arnold has inspired us for years with his superfood studded vegan meals and his devotion to the mystical. Here he takes inspiration from the medicinal, alchemical practices of ancient Egypt, China and Sumer by adding mineral rich rose petals and edible gold into the mix. Tap into the Source.

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