Holiday Cheer


Home is where the heart is. The true beauty of the holiday season is the connections we reignite with family and friends. As much as this time of year can be an invitation for love and connection, we all know this isn't always easy. Family gatherings have a way of bringing out many sides of ourselves. So as you embrace the ties that bind, the good, the bad and the challenging, arm yourselves with the tools to rise above it. If you find yourself in a trigger moment, remember that you can always create a space for personal sanctuary, ritual and love. Here are our tips and tricks for navigating the holidays in cheer.

“If you think you're enlightened go spend a week with your family” - Ram Das 

Just breathe and release yourself. One of our favorite Kundalini kriyas, or meditations, for this time of year is the aggressive sounding Fists of Anger. But don’t be put off by its name. Fists of Anger is one of the most powerful tools we know for releasing negativity and shifting our mindsets. By removing anger from your field, you open yourself up to grace. And even if you don’t think you have any anger, rest assured, we all do. By moving it through the body you open yourself up to its power and can use it to your benefit. Plus, it delivers toned arms and a strong core, all while revealing your most ethereal self. Find grace and beauty in your anger.

How to do it: Sit in easy pose or in a seated position on the floor or in a chair. Touch each thumb to the fleshy mounds at the base of the pinkie. Wrap your fingers over your thumb and make a fist. Bring your arms overhead with relaxed, slightly bent elbows. Close your eyes, and begin a version of Breath of Fire through the mouth, with rapid, forceful and even breaths in and out. Then, start moving the arms in a back- stroke, alternating arms and coordinating with your rapid breath. Continue for 3 minutes, focusing on the third eye. When the timer goes off, take a deep inhale, hold your breath, interlace your fingers with the palms facing up and your arms extended over your head. Hold your breath, and imagine yourself immersed in white light. Take two more deep breaths in this same posture, release your hands like a cork pop- ping while you forcefully exhale. Allow your hands to slowly lower until they reach the ground. Finish with a long Sat and a short Nam. Experience the shift.

Bring your journal along. The pen is mightier than the sword. The simple act of putting pen to paper has profound benefits. We like the raw, unedited, stream-of-consciousness, for-your-eyes-only variety. This practice can relieve you of obsessive thinking and gets your thoughts on the page and out of your head. Do it daily. you’ll get to know yourself, recognize patterns and purge your mind of clutter. A clean slate awaits.

And a few of our favorite products to pack for the trip:


A soothing hydrating mist to calm your face and scent your personal space. Made from organic active botanical lavender water and a dash of our Calm Ritual Oil blend of wild geranium, lavender flower and Californian sage essential oils. The perfect size for your purse or drawer. 


Bathe and be love. When it comes to unwinding, CAP takes selfcare seriously. The Love Bath transforms, marrying vibrational flower energies with the rejuvenating and healing powers of salt. Powerful minerals and the heart-opening scents of The CAPtivator come together to open your portal for love. Sandalwood, Neroli and Clary Sage soothe the nervous system as the mineral bath detoxifies and assists lymphatic drainage. Bring your body into harmony and soak in the love. Love and magnetism come alive. Each package is good for one beautiful bath. 


Awaken the mind. The Meditation Tonic is an inspired blend of Red Reishi Mushroom, Gotu Kola and Schisandra Berry that feeds your body and frees your mind. Specially crafted to support the ritual of meditation this tonic may improve memory, balance hormones, relieve stress and enhance focus for deeper meditation. With a bright citrus and berry flavor this is herbal refreshment of the highest order.


Beauty meets beauty in Kerrilynn and Cindy’s ultimate guide to the CAP Beauty way. This is our compendium to the (100% plant food! 100% gluten free!) recipes and rituals that deliver us to a life of true beauty, to radiant skin, sinuous bodies and radical health. Step inside our world, get inspired and ascend. High Vibrational Beauty is yours.


Alexis Smart to the rescue! In high stress and traumatic situations a few drops of this flower remedy will calm your nerves and bring you back to center. This fast acting formula provides emotional relief from emotional upsets including public speaking, fear of flying, dentist visits and even traffic jams. Next time you need to restore calm this rescue remedy will do the trick


When we want a hit of bliss, we turn to chocolate. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, cacao has also been shown to decrease stress, act as an anti-inflammatory and elevate the mood. Is there a more delicious way to hack the holidays?

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