Heart Opening Crystals


These are the stones we keep on hand to let in the light and open the heart. Float through summer, and stay high.

Rose Quartz. This may be the official crystal of CAP Beauty. When we built our West Village store, we embedded this pink stone under the floors and in our foundation. We wanted CAP Beauty to radiate love, so we turned to this heart opening and love producing crystal. Let it be your official stone of summer.

Rhodonite. This new wave beauty vibrates love and encourages a state of calm.

Rhodochrosite. Be awash in love with this creativity-inducing stone.

Peridot. This highly spiritual stone calls forth love and beauty, but only for those ready to engage on a higher plane.

Green Jasper. This calming stone strengthens resolve and builds fortitude. Dispel negativity and ensure sound rest.

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