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David and Luise first caught our attention with Green Kitchen Stories, their blog of artfully photographed recipes and a peek into their beautiful family life. Then we had them into the store to celebrate the launch of their latest cookbook, a collection of adaptable, simple and comforting dishes, which has become a tome in our kitchen. Now we’re asking them our most burning food questions. Read on to revel in this Swedish duo’s culinary philosophy.


What’s the story behind Green Kitchen Stories? How did you start the site? Luise and I were eating very differently when we met. I was an unhealthy vegetarian and Luise was a healthy carnivore and the blog became our way of learning how to cook together and to document the new type of dishes that we were creating. Modern and vegetable focused wholefood.

When you first started posting, did you have any idea it would grow into what it is today? No, definitely not. It was only supposed to be a fun project for us, we had absolutely no idea that it would take us to where we are today. One of the great things with having a blog is that it constantly allows us to learn new things. At first it was recipe development, writing, food photography and lately we have also started learning how to film, edit food videos and teach workshops.

You were just in NYC for your book launch (and event at CAP!). Where were your favorite places to eat and visit while you were here? We had an amazing dinner at ABC V on one of the evenings. All the dishes were so simple and genius. We brought our 6 months old baby with us on the trip and he was sleeping in his pram almost throughout the entire dinner. We also stopped by By Chloe, Butcher’s Daughter, De Maria, Sweetgreen and Blank Slate, all with good food and smoothies.

How does New York compare to Stockholm in terms of health conscious food? Well, New York is unsurprisingly way ahead of Stockholm. We have a couple of favorite places in Stockholm and lots is happening, but still not it’s not even close to the healthy food scene in NYC.

How do you find inspiration for your recipes? We don’t have a method and it never seems to happen the same way. Generally, I think we are both challenging ourselves to try new food, places and ingredients as often as possible. We have been traveling a lot and have made it a sport to get invited into people’s kitchen and learn new recipes, flavors and methods. Social media is obviously also a big source of inspiration. It’s quite easy to follow along with trends and new ideas and methods on Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your go-to meal for entertaining? And your go-to meal for when you need something quick on the go? When we have guests, we usually make a massive salad filled with a mix of roasted and raw veggies, a grain or legume, some seasonal fruit, seeds and nuts. It looks impressive and colorful and is easy to improvise and adapt depending on the season. For quick on the go options, we often stuff things in jars. It can be soaked oats with some nut butter and fruit, half a jar of hummus with raw vegetable sticks on top or simply a smoothie or sourdough ryebread sandwich.

You have 3 young children, does that influence the way you cook? Do you have any tips for getting kids to eat healthy? Yes, it does. We don’t cook separate food for the children but they have definitely influenced our cooking style as we must be more effective and also include them more in the planning. Our oldest is 7 years and she really bounces back and forth when it comes to eating. One day she says ”I love avocado” And another day ”I have always hated avocado, how can you not know this?!”. We try not to push her too much but let her have her phases and skip the avocado on those days.

The most important tip is to start early with whole foods and be restrictive with their sugar intake. It makes it much easier to get them to try savoury food. We have also always tried to have a positive vibe around the dinner table. With too many rules, kids will quickly start obstructing and refusing to eat. If they want to drink soup with a straw or eat with their hands, that is fine with us as long as they eat!

We also try adding vegetables to our kid’s favourite foods. We mix pancake batter in the blender together with either spinach, beetroots or carrots to create green, pink or yellow pancakes. It always works as a treat. Smoothies are also great for sneaking in vegetables.

Do you always cook together? Or do you divide and conquer? We are definitely more the divide and conquer types. We often plan things together but we know each other a little too well to interfere when the other one is in the kitchen. We have different styles and approaches to cooking so we try to give each other space.

Do you have any favorite pantry staples? We always have a mix of nuts and seeds in our pantry to add crunch, healthy fats and protein to our breakfast bowls, salads and soups. They are also essential in many of our desserts and baked goods and we make absurd amounts of nut and seed butters as well.

Nordic berries (wild blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and lingonberries) are our number one favourite ingredient and when they are not in season we make sure to always have our freezer filled with them. They are amazing in smoothies, desserts and breakfasts. We also stock up on legumes, both dried for weekend cooking and precooked for quick dinners. Chickpeas, beans and lentils are great in salads and stews and we also use them to make various spreads to add to sandwiches and as sides.

Besides your own (which we count as a favorite!), do you have any favorite cookbooks? Of course! Some of our favorite authors are Heidi Swanson, Amy Chaplin, Anna Jones & Sarah Britton.

Your food photographs are always so beautiful! Do you have any tips? Use natural light. Let the food add the colour and use more neutral tones for props and backgrounds. If a dish looks good, keep it simple and don’t over style it. Shoot the dish right away for the freshest look.

What does “beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty” mean to you? Everything we do is about feeling good on the inside. Feeling strong, energized, confident and happy. That is wellness to us. And beauty.

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