The Genmaicha Latte


During the cold winter months, we lean heavily on tonics. As of late, we are all obsessed with The Genmaicha, our grounding green tea spiked with brown rice. It has green tea's myriad benefits with the delicious earthiness of toasted rice. We can't get enough of it paired with our favorite oat milk for our very own Genmaicha Latte. Roasted, toasted and warm, it's just what the winter calls for. Ground down to fly high.


4 ounces brewed Genmaicha

4 ounces oat milk (we love Oatly!)

1 T Tocotrienols

1 T The Coconut Butter

Dash of cinnamon

Brew The Genmaicha and add to a blender with the rest of ingredients. Blend on high speed for a minute and pour into your favorite mug. Enjoy!

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