Future Tripping (Reinvented)


We’re dreamers. And, planners. Spending time envisioning your ideal day, week or life is time well spent. It’s even better spent when visions become plans and the wheels are set in motion. Allowing ourselves to daydream can be powerful on its own.

So often, we are simply working off of today’s to-do list, focused on immediate goals and running at top speed. Taking the time to visualize a perfect future can shed light on important values and help us see the big picture. Sometimes, this macro view can overwhelm us, causing us to retreat and dive back into the daily grind. But, stick with it, find delight in the big picture and let it inspire you. Then, back it up with an agile plan. You may find yourself with new priorities, a new outlook and a whole new to-do list.

Be careful to avoid a state of mind that only allows for happiness in a future scenario. This is sometimes referred to as future tripping, and it’s not the kind that we’re encouraging. You may recognize this as “I’ll be happy when I get the promotion, when I lose 5 pounds, when I attain spiritual enlightenment.” Be happy now, but indulge your dreams and get planning.

How to do it:

Sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor in easy pose. Invite white light in through the crown of your head and allow it to fill your body, feeling hopeful and excited for what’s to come. Envision the light moving through you to the core of the earth, creating a connection to Mother Nature. Allow the light to travel back up though your body, through the crown of your head. Here lies your connection to Source. Then, bask in your perfect future. Where do you live? Who do you love? How does it feel? Get as detailed as you can. you’re the architect of all you want.

When you emerge from this blissful meditation, get out your journal, and, without overthinking it, write. You want to integrate this vision into your reality. What did you learn? What surprised you? What aspects of your life are in line with, or at odds with, your dreams?

After a few minutes of freestyle writing, it’s time to get practical. This is where dreams become reality. After all, and in the words of French poet Antoine de Saint-exupéry, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Divide your life into categories that are relevant to your goals. Some we like are: health and fitness, career, friends and family, romantic love, finances, spirituality, art and objects, self-development, philanthropy and home. Then, create broad pictures for each of them. These could be in list form or a more narrative version. It’s up to you. These goals won’t happen overnight, but what can you do today, this week or this month to get closer? Print out calendars and get specific. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: enjoy the process, and future trip the right way.

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