Full Moon in Taurus


The truth is, no matter what our circumstances we always have the opportunity to come home to ourselves.



Taurus is not a sign that gives itself away easily. It’s sturdy and earthbound, honing its skills over time. It’s fixed, generating abundance through effort and commitment. It understands the value of a dollar, well crafted  goods and long-standing relationships. Money is a curious thing. On its own, it means nothing. It’s the power we ascribe to it. Without our psychological attachment, it would have no value. It’s just a thing. It’s how we perceive it, how we handle it that constitutes our experience. A scarcity mentality is likely to breed a lack of generosity with self and others. Whereas an abundance mindset is likely to yield the opposite.

There is something similar in how we hold beauty, how willing we are to heap praise on ourselves and others. Taurus is also the sign most interested in physical beauty and sensuality. Think a garden of roses, a farm-to-table feast or a bevy of sensuous perfumes. This is where we feel the earth in all its glory. This Full Moon opposite the Sun in seductive, intense Scorpio highlights our relationship to the things we own and possess, and to our own beauty. There is a striking movement in certain media channels towards more diversified representations of women. Think StyleLikeU or the Refinery 29’s 67% Project. We’re embracing and celebrating the spectrum of female beauty and experience. We’re opening up the doors of inclusivity. It has been challenging to acknowledge our beauty in a world so limiting in its scope. But that’s changing now.

This Full Moon, take some time to root into yourself. Light a candle, find a quiet space and journal about the beauty around us, the things in our lives that are of value to us, the people and circumstances we can lean on, the oak trees in our life. (Think Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, we must acknowledge and honor these gifts). And then, on a loose sheet of paper, write out any outworn beliefs around finances, self-care and self-acceptance. And then, when you’re done, rip it up or throw it away.


Danielle Beinstein

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