Full Moon In Gemini


“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Gemini is about choices. The choices we make every day. Our communication style, the way we think, our curiosities. It’s those choices that add up to who we are.

Gemini is often quick-witted and socially adept, but can also be loose with the truth and easily distracted, jumping from one point of interest to the next.


If we choose this road, then that means this and this and this. But if we choose another way, that leaves opportunity for this and this and this.

In other words, mental chatter.

Gemini, truth be told, is not known for its stillness.

And yet, during this Full Moon, we very well may have to make a choice. One that matters. And to do that we often have to get very, very still.

I mention this because Saturn is involved. And Saturn asks that we grow up. It asks that we take responsibility, that we choose.

The thing is: committing doesn’t limit our freedom (Gemini is always interested in having as many options as possible). It actually enhances it. Because boundaries allow us to thrive. By putting our stake in the ground, we announce our belief in something, that we are shooting for something. We become proactive, rather than reactive.

Opposite Gemini we find the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius creates a narrative thread, it’s the story we tell ourselves, the belief systems we buy into, the wisdom we’re seeking.

The key here lies in recognizing the greater arc of our lives. Where are we in the journey? What commitments must be made? By examining our choices, we’re given an opportunity to reassess where we’re headed. Whatever arises this Full Moon, let’s allow it to guide us, to teach us. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, will be in ambitious Capricorn (it will retrograde December 19 – January 8) conjunct powerful, transformative Pluto. Put another way, our thoughts and words have power. Our choices hold weight.

As always, Full Moons are a great time for getting still, lighting a candle and pausing to journal (Gemini rules writing, after all). How do we feel about the choices we’re making? What avenues exist before us? And how do we relate to choice itself? Because if we’re not making choices, we’re not asserting our truth. We’re simply blowing in the wind.

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