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Today, we’re two years old. When we began this journey, we knew we had something important to share but we honestly didn’t know so many of you would be interested. We hoped you would (!) but what has happened over the past two years is far beyond what we imagined. We’ve seen remarkable transformations. We’ve seen you at events with new friends that you met at the last event. And we’ve watched you morph into the radiant and energetic version of yourself that was always there.

2017 is a big year for us at CAP. We’ve been writing nonstop, we’re heading west and the products that we’ve been dreaming of are in development. This year, we’re going even deeper into our commitment to sharing the power of naturals. We need them now more than ever. Self-care has become a non-negotiable. It’s time to take care of ourselves on the highest level so we can take care of others. Let’s spread the gospel all across the land.

We believe that everyone is entitled to health and wellness and beauty and education. And we know firsthand that this lifestyle is the fastest (and most enjoyable) way to get there. Thank you for being you and being curious and being beautiful. You inspire us constantly and we love you all.

In love and light,

Kerrilynn & Cindy

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