Cindy's Late Summer Picks


As we glide into the cooler months of Autumn, I’m holding on to my love for summer but adding in some practices and products to prep me for one of my other favorite times of year. When late summer sun meets the expansive energies of fall, magic happens. Ground down, fly high, be well.


As I embrace the power of raw (my diet goes deep into juices, fresh fruits and raw living salads), it only seems right to apply these same principles to my products. Dubbed “Holistic Organic Skin Food,” Dr. Alkaitis' seminal range is packed with raw and live nutrition. His products absorb deeply to effect radical change. In the heat and humidity of August, few cleansers leave me feeling truly clean. This one does the trick while removing dead skin cells and moisturizing with aloe vera. The perfect companion to beach life and sun kissed skin or a hazy, humid summer in the city.


We'll take ours with a dose of superfoods. A favorite way to infuse my little ones with healing foods is through this genius honey from Countertop Foods. Their Golden Honey is laced with turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and a dose of coconut oil to support the immune system, protect the gut and fight inflammation. Eat by the spoonful, stir into tonics or add to warm water or nut milk for an instant golden latte. Or take it like Louis and Sally on a toasted slice of sourdough. What they don't know, might heal them.


Mornings are my time to commit. Rituals run high and I start the day off well. Come nightfall, though, I fight to fit it in. And bedtime sometimes just happens. No routine, no regimen, no ritual. But as sleep is as vital a component as any, I've decided to give my nights some love. This bedtime blend is a cozy combination of chamomile, lavender and tangerine to turn the tides of day to night in botanical grace. I'll add it to my epsom bath or sprinkle on my pillowcase. Dilute with body oil for a massage or add to a diffuser for a bonus dose. Sweet dreams, everyone. Nighttime is the right time.


Teatime goes gorgeous. Lovingly made, imperfectly perfect and ever evolving, Lue’s brass adds a charm and dose of wabi-sabi to my daily rituals and meals. 


With my deep love for strong, black coffee, I don't exactly fit the profile of an herbal tea taker. Leaves and Flowers is changing all of that. This California company delivers botanical blends that are indulgent and beautiful in every way. Their Wellness blend warms with turmeric, ginger, black pepper and citrus and this, their Leaves of Grass, pairs sweet tarragon with peppermint and aromatic verbena. What's more is that all ingredients come from sustainable farms in Marin and Sonoma County. Another bedtime ritual, by way of Northern Cali. This is how I drink it in.

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