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British musician Flo Clementine has been making music and magic since childhood. With interests that range from cooking to fashion to writing, her devotion to beauty and aesthetics is felt in all she does. Now based in Ojai, California with her husband and two children, she’s making magic out west. Come along as we explore what a day in the life looks like. Expect magnificent nature, sunny skies and a glimpse into her thought process. Get in the flow with Flo.

What was your journey towards making music?

I was always singing as a child and learnt piano from a young age and started the guitar when I was 13 and eventually began to write. Starting out young helped as I was less reserved and worried what other people might say. I posted covers and my first garageband demos on myspace. My album 'Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful' was written in those early years, I was fortunate to find a team who all stumbled upon my music in serendipitous ways. I haven't toured since having children but am excited for the future. It's cliché but it has felt like a bit of a rebirth in many ways!

You play with your husband, what is it like working together?

It's like nothing else! We know each other better than anyone. When you work with your partner learning how to navigate the interwoven parts of the relationship is important.

What music do you find yourself listening to? What are your favorite bands and musicians? 

I used to listen to a lot more than I do nowadays! I grew up with Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Antony and the Johnsons, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley and Fleetwood Mac. They were my earliest influences. Then I got into Alice Coltrane and more recently Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the mother of rock and roll. My younger brother sometimes shares new bands with me, he is very in the know! 

What other creative practices do you have? And how do they support you?

I'd say cooking is a way for me to be creative each day in a very normal and beautifully mundane way. I write each morning separate to the songs. Often I let it be stream of conscious or jot down words and titles that will lead me to an idea or be a way to process and begin the day anew. I also find fashion to be a constant form of creative expression for me, setting up a second hand collection has been exciting.

Where do you live? How does that influence your music?

I live in Ojai, California and love it here. Being English we always talk about the weather but the sun really helps motivate me and the access to nature on our doorstep helps me value what's important each day. 

What wellness practices do you have?

Again, I used to have more! Since having children I have almost rebelled against these practices. Having said that, I have always practiced some form of yoga and walking a lot always makes me happy. I would love to start waking up at sunrise again to be quiet on my own! 

What’s a favorite song of yours?

Beyond the Clouds by the Poppy family. 

You have two beautiful children, how has that effected your world?

Thank you, it's changed my world a lot! I feel a great sense of purpose being their mother. l feel stronger than I ever did since they were born. There are days I can't always write or articulate the experiences, but I believe in things being stored for the right moment.

Are there foods that support your creative practices?

Raw chocolate, Kombucha. A balanced diet! I eat everything, really. Adaptogens like Reishi and Maca are supportive when I need a boost!

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