February Events


As we move into the depths of winter we immerse ourselves in the rituals of self-care with an eye toward the warmer weather ahead. From light and romantic makeup looks to cleansing our bodies from the inside out we’re getting a jump on spring cleaning, CAP Beauty style. Stop by and revel in all there is to learn.


Kristen Arnett BEAUTY ON HIGH A veteran of the natural beauty scene, Kristen Arnett elevates naturals to a place of true beauty. Specializing in makeup inspired by self-care Kristen will share how to reveal your most radiant self. Stop in and learn how to build a romantic makeup look that enhances and ignites your spark.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH AT 7PM Alisa Vitti LIFE IN FLO Femininity of the highest power. The founder of Flo Living empowers you to live your best life year round. The functional nutritionist and hormone guru will shift the paradigm for health and life management. Use your hormones to harness your potential, productivity and power to prosper. Nurture juicier relationships. Tap into the feminine and come into your FLO.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH AT 7PM Gil Jacobs CLEAN SUPREME The grandfather of colonics gets down and dirty and shares the power of colon therapy. At this night of vibrant living, learn from the master how to eat, live and cleanse for a life that thrives.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND AT 7PM Kjaer Weis LAUNCH OF A BEAUTY Join us for the launch of Kjaer Weis’ newest offering, The Beauty Oil. And from Valentine’s Day through February 22, we will be gifting a deluxe sample of The Beauty Oil with any Kjaer Weis foundation compact or refill. Bask in your true beauty.

As always, all events are free to all. RSVP here.

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