Fall Yoga Poses




At Love Yoga we are inspired by the patterns of the seasons and how they are reflected in the Chinese Medicine System. Autumn is the season of the lungs and of metal. As opposed to the expansive nature of Summer, metal and Autumn are seen as contractive and introspective. Use these poses to deepen your breath and turn your focus inward.


1. Cat Cow with Bastrika Breath Stack yourself up on all fours maintaining 90 degree angles from knees to hips to shoulders to wrists. Begin to undulate your spine from a back bend to a rounded cat spine. Add the breath and exhale, a short sharp exhale as you backbend and then suck it up and inhale as you round the back. Repeat 20 times building up to 60 times over time.

2. Pigeon Pull back to a bent knee Down Dog and peddle out the legs. Lift the right leg and open it out to flush the groin and then bring the shin forward to a Pigeon. Make sure that your right knee is off to its own side, you want it further out than the right hip and make sure that the leg is folded deeply. Bring the heel in tight towards the inner thigh. Put a block under the sternum bone and a block under the forehead to keep the lungs open and supported as you take 10 deep inhales and exhales. Step back to Dog and repeat the left side.

3. Standing Forward Fold From Down Dog, walk your hands back to your feet and fold over your legs. Bend your knees generously to find a wave in the back of the knee and release the lower back. Look at your feet and notice how and where you stand on them. The feet are your foundation and you want them wide, strong and also relaxed. A forward fold is a naturally introspective pose. Let your eyes soften and feel the breath moving you in and out of your center.

4. Seated Spinal Twist Sit with legs extended out in front of you and fold the right leg into your chest. Swing your right hand behind you and place the fingertips on the floor close to your tailbone. Hook the left elbow outside the right knee and use it as a lever to twist to the right. Press the knee into the elbow as you press the elbow back into the knee. Look for a backbend in the lower back and a lift to your chest. Breathe into the right lung and feel it opening and fluttering as you inhale and exhale. Take 8 breaths and then repeat on the left side.

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