We’ve blended frequencies with Lauren Haynes, the stellar herbalist and founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs, to create a jammy tincture designed to reveal radiance and luminosity from the inside out. A unique blend of herbs and superfoods coalesce to hydrate, plump and nourish for your clearest gleaming glow.


Gotu Kola to moisten, plump and strengthen external connective tissue. Nettle mineralizes and delivers B Vitamins, including the elusive biotin. Rosehip, the highest plant source of Vitamin C and a building block for Collagen. Adaptogenic Goji for even more C and Antioxidants on high. Hibiscus plumps the skin and nourishes the liver. Schisandra, also adaptogenic, supports the liver, vital for clear skin and detoxification.

Drink down a dropperful and let the light in.

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