Eat Good Fat


Herbaceous oils, caramelized and clarified butters, smooth and creamy spreads, healthy fats come in many forms and flavors. Brain boosting, joint lubricating and more, these antioxidant and omega rich foods offer immune support while having a hydrating effect on the skin. Indulge in these heavenly treats and feed your body and soul. Begin within.



Crack open a jar and spread the love. Made using an ancient method known as stone-grinding, The Coconut Butter is completely raw and never heated. This old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth texture like no other. The white magic inside contains the fat and fiber of Mother Earth's miraculous coconut. Each batch takes about 24 to 48 hours to make, but it’s well worth the wait. We keep a 10 gallon bucket of it in the spa, as it’s one of the star ingredients in our signature CAP Beauty Elixir. Containing only 1 ingredient, 100% certified Organic Coconut, this butter is packed full of skin healing properties. Energize and come alive.



Brightland was born from the desire for ultra pure, healthy and honest oils. Made from 100% California olives, Alive is teeming with lifeforce and flavor. Hand-picked heirloom Arbosana and Arbequina olives lend notes of green almond and green tomato for a nutty, smooth oil as delicious as it is authentic. Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants. High health begins here.


Oh Ghee, how we love you and your golden delicious ways. Ancient Organics takes the utmost care to create this ambrosia, producing their Ghee in small batches in the ancient Ayurvedic manner and only during the full moon, harnessing Earth’s life force. And in order to produce the healthiest and highest vibrational Ghee, the cows subsist on sweet Californian coastal grasses. Ghee can be used in a variety of different ways - on toast, to roast vegetables, in soup to add a yummy golden accent, and can even be used to nourish the skin. We all need healthy fats to help absorb nutrients and provide lubrication to the joints.


Join the party. Our kaleidoscope coconut butters, The Matcha, The Blue Majik and the The Berry are getting cozy. We've bundled our beloved flavored butters because, frankly, the more the merrier. And when you buy in bulk, you save save save. She comes in colors. She comes in threes.


The love and lore of olive oil goes back thousands of years. The Greeks bathed in it, Roman kings were crowned by it and for centuries life was illuminated by olive oil. Wonder Valley Olive Oil is buttery, herbaceous, fruitful and grassy. It was made from a special blend of Taggiasca, Ascolano, Arbequina and Manzanillo olives and certified Extra Virgin grade by the California Olive Oil Council. The olives are hand-picked young, yielding a greener oil full of polyphenols—the powerful fountain of youth-like antioxidant.


We at CAP Beauty are no strangers to the wonders of mineral and vitamin rich, gut healing and truly delicious ghee. This Ayurvedic staple gets upleveled with a blend of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting turmeric, detoxifying blood sugar balancer cumin, and gut soothing cardamom. Rich in omegas and strengthening spices, use this Golden Butter in sautées, braises, curries and anywhere that you would use oil or butter to boost flavor and nutrients in your favorite meals. Endless uses and bountiful benefits make this beautiful butter a countertop staple.


Jennifer Sun grew up mining health from the mysterious New York City herb shops she frequented with her father. She’s now on a mission to modernize Traditional Chinese Medicine, bringing balance into our busy lives by infusing medicinal herbs into the foods we eat daily. Sun Power Almond Butter delivers energy and supports Qi, while boosting immunity and circulation and fighting inflammation in the body. It’s also wildly delicious thanks to organic stone ground almonds, activated sesame, vanilla and coconut nectar. Salute the Sun and rise.

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