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Like her cult hit serum, April Gargiulo simply teems with life. The San Francisco mama and founder of Vintner's Daughter is as thoughtful and sincere as she is generous, funny and bright. And she always brings a great time. She hosted a brunch for us recently to celebrate the release of our book, High Vibrational Beauty, setting the table at her family's vineyard in the Napa Valley. We took the opportunity to chat with her about her stand out face oil, Active Botanical Serum. It's been a best seller at CAP since we opened our doors. Read on to find out why.

Tell us a little bit about Vintner’s Daughter. What was the inspiration for this multi-tasking wonder?

I was inspired to create my desert island, never-miss-a-day product when I became pregnant with my first daughter. I realized that the “luxury” skincare products I was using were anything but. Not only did they contain less than 1% active ingredients, the rest was made up of cheap, low quality filler that was also in many cases toxic. I didn’t want to have to compromise activity, quality or safety, so I set out to create a product that would address my problem skin effectively, safely and in one, superpowered, luxurious step.

How did your background in winemaking inform this process?

From a young age, I was exposed to the high standards associated with fine winemaking. I had those same expectations, in terms of high quality ingredients and a meticulous, time honored formulation process, for skincare. Our process takes weeks versus an industry standard of mere minutes. A bottle of my family’s wine takes three years to produce, so I thought 3 weeks was nothing! As a result of our exacting formulation and sourcing procedures, it took me years to find a lab that would take us on. I had so many labs say that they had faster and cheaper ways to produce Active Botanical Serum and I always said thank you, but no. I am grateful that I held my ground. It has given me the fortitude to remain true to our ideals to create only game-changing, category-defining products. I owe that respect of quality over everything to Napa Valley and winemaking.  

What makes Vintner’s Daughter so special, and produces that coveted glow?

Our formula is 100% active, meaning that every single ingredient is included is a multicorrectional powerhouse sourced from the most conscious growers and producers in the world. Even more unique, many of our ingredients begin as whole plants which we take through a weeks-long process to extract their full profile of skin beautifying goodness. This commitment to quality and sourcing produces that glow because we are delivering the most optimal nutrition to your skin. When properly fed, your skin is able to renew, restore and rebalance itself. Even better, because our nutrition is universal, all skin types, colors and ages can benefit.

Your passion for ingredients, quality, and craft is palpable. How did you discover the magic of whole plants?

By using whole plants — instead of powders, extracts, or freeze dried ingredients — we are able to extract the whole spectrum of botanical activity. This is extremely rare as it is a lengthy, costly process. I believe that capturing skin nutrition on this level is what really moves the needle when it comes to fundamental changes in the skin. Just like with our bodies, when skin is fed the very best nutrition from the very best plant sources, amazing things happen.

How do your pure and potent ingredients activate and amplify each other? What is the role of sourcing and extraction methods in the making of Vintner’s Daughter?

Each of our 22 active ingredients is exceptional on its own, but when they are combined in Active Botanical Serum, the synergy is game-changing. We include them in optimal ratios for your skin, so you are getting perfectly balanced proportions of the nutrients your complexion needs to look and feel its very best.  This happens on an ingredient level like with Cypress and Frankincense and the microcirculatory effect together they create, but also on a constituent level with particular nutrients existing in the most proper alignment with other nutrients. For instance, take vitamin D and calcium: Your body cannot process one without the other. Active Botanical serum presents over 60 different nutrients in the most optimal ratios.

How important is technique in applying the Active Botanical Serum? Is the ritual of massage and your Push/Press method as essential as the product itself?

The Push/Press Method was developed alongside Active Botanical Serum and helps maximize the performance of Active Botanical Serum. The technique is simple, is always with you and helps with microcirculation and absorption. We are not trying to be too prescriptive, but it is very effective.

What are your favorite products to pair with Vintner’s Daughter for the ultimate ritual?

I love using my facial roller by Joanna Czech to help with drainage and drive Active Botanical Serum deeper. I also LOVE facial cupping and LED. I do it every day. In terms of products, I always use a gentle cleanser, an essence, Active Botanical Serum, and Suntegrity SPF in the morning. Because I know I am getting the most critical vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, fatty acids and omegas in my serum, I can keep the rest of my program simple.

What inspires you? What do you love to do to reconnect and recharge?

I do so many small things each day to reconnect and recharge. I enjoy time with family, friends, nature, pilates and lots of tea, but my single biggest practice is a gratitude practice. It is the most resonate thing I do to ground myself in the beauty that is our world which helps me through the ups and downs of business and life.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is quite a simple thing. It is a light in the heart, generously shared, that I believe comes from deep gratitude.

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