CAP Cooks: Furikake Spiked Onigiri

Furikake, lovingly referred to as “a friend of rice” is the main event in the simple, satisfying and delicious Japanese snack, Onigiri. Our friends at Dark Horse Organics have upleveled the classic Japanese condiment with bee and pine pollen, sansho pepper and black lava salt and made it rich in antioxidants and taste for a uniquely modern and healthy version. Cook up a pot of rice, dust it with some Furikake and enjoy an easy snack any time of the day.

Dark Horse Furikake Spiked Onigiri

1 1/2 cooked white rice, warm but not hot

1 T Dark Horse Furikake

1 Nori sheet, cut into small rectangles 

Bowl of water

Mix the Furikake into the rice while warm.

Dip your fingertips into your water and use your palms to make little rice triangles. Be gentle with the rice and do not overwork it or it will begin to crumble. Wrap the triangles up in your nori. Enjoy!

A Japanese pharmacist named Suekichi Yoshimaru created Furikake to be sprinkled on top of rice as a tasty way to increase your calcium intake. Furikake tastes best served on top of rice. Onigiri is a great way to enjoy it. It’s a great on the go snack and a great breakfast. 

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