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Current 101 with Ally Berlin


We love to use The Thinking CAP as a way to share our little black book of wellness practitioners. And since we’re always on the search for a new and amazing workout studio, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Current Fitness, an aesthetically inspired rowing studio in Tribeca. Read on to find out about 5 moves from instructor Ally Berlin to do at home to tone and strengthen, even when we can’t make it to class.


Get into plank position and make sure to tighten your core. Take turns tapping each shoulder, alternating between each side. Perform 20 taps.

EXERCISE TWO Get on all fours. Make sure you have a flat back and tight core. Extend one leg back straight and tap your toe to the left side of your body, and then to the right side of your body. Complete 15 taps, then alternate to the other leg.

EXERCISE THREE Lay down flat on your back. Squeeze your abs. Keep your legs straight and arms to our side. Lift your legs off the ground slightly and flutter kick for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

EXERCISE FOUR Sit on the floor or a mat and lean back slightly so your core is activated. Lift your feet off the floor slightly and reach from one side of your body to the other with your hands. Complete 30 reps, rest and complete two more times.

EXERCISE FIVE Stand in lunging position. Lunge, then as you stand back up, extend your leg to the back. As you bring your leg down, lunge again. Complete 15 on each side.


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