Crystals For Manifesting


And at the dawn of fall, the season of productivity, we offer this excerpt on manifestation from our book, High Vibrational Beauty. These are the stones we keep on hand to call in what we desire and to attract and create abundance. Dream big, then ground down to fly high.

AMETHYST: Illuminate your path with this lilac beauty. Clarify and connect to your higher goals.

PEARL: Keep the faith. This vital component of manifesting is strengthened through the presence of pearl.

GARNETThe stone of health encourages a state of body and state of mind ripe for attraction.

FLOURITEThis supernatural stone allows for higher levels of communication. Ask the universe. Receive.

HOWLITEEncourage a state of strength and calm when asking for what you desire. A tranquil sea is a powerful sea.

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