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Back in May, fashion stylist turned energy healer, Colleen McCann of Style Rituals stopped by our shop to share her deep knowledge of crystals and cards. The focus was on how to use these tools to deepen our intrinsic intuitive powers and calm the mind. Questions from our community poured in and here are Colleen's answers:

How do we find ethically sourced crystals?

There is little to no regulation (yet) on finding a particular crystals ethical pedigree and/or origin. The best thing you can do is ask questions! In my travels I meet crystal vendors from all over the world and I source my stones from the crystal experts I trust. I have acquired crystals from my local metaphysical store, received them as gifts from friends, healing workshops, wholesale dealers, crystal shows, and dug them out of the ground myself at a mine. 

Take the time to get to know the crystal vendor, ask them about where they source their stones and if they can fill you in on the history of the stone you are interested in. You want ethically sourced stones, and those with the most positive, clean, clear energies possible. Knowing the lineage of a crystal is a lot like knowing where your meat or your eggs come from. Free-range and farm-to-table. There is an interview in my book with one of the foremost experts on ethical mining, Gemologist Brian Cook, who consults clients like Tiffany & Cartier on keeping things ethically clean.

HOT TIP: Etsy plays host to an expansive crystal marketplace. You can find tumbled stones as well as beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of crystal jewelry. This also provides the opportunity to support small businesses and allows you to chat with the e-proprietor.

What is the highest vibrational crystal to use for manifestation ritual?

Iron Pyrite

Can you keep different crystals together on a shelf? 

Yes, you can keep many different crystals on a shelf together. Congratulations you have just built your first crystal altar!  

How often should you smudge?

I like to smudge with practicality.  If I wear or hold a crystal daily I may smudge it daily or weekly. If a crystal sits on my altar & isn’t being handled I may smudge it monthly or quarterly. 

What are the benefits of crystal infused water?

Crystal infused water can bring a multitude of health benefits to the body, mind & soul; varying types of results depending on the type of crystal in the water. Gems can also help alkalize water. PLEASE NOTE: There are certain crystals that are not meant to be put in water, because they will disintegrate or can be harmful when ingested. Please do you research before experimenting with this process.  If you don’t trust yourself to make DIY gem water or aren’t sure what sparkly formula is for you than I recommend investing in a GEM-WATER bottle. In its simplest form you are putting a crystal into water and letting it marinate before drinking, however there are numerous steps to take between picking your crystal and drinking your recipe. Please refer to my book for a detailed process on how to do so and the crystals not to use in this process.

Do I need to charge crystals? How? When?

Like our go-to outfits crystals also get physically and energetically dirty. There are various ways to clear crystals. A few common ways to cleanse crystals are salt water and moon light. Crystals can be cleaned anywhere from once a day to once a year.

HOT TIP: If someone touches your crystal please take it off, stick it in your purse & cleanse when you get a free moment. When we are collaborating with a certain crystal we want to only have our energy on it...kinda like sharing lipstick or mascara. It won’t kill you but kinda gross!

What’s the best crystal for sacral health and stimulation?


I am looking for tarot cards and don’t know where to start.

My best advice is to start with a deck of tarot cards that offers buzzwords, mantras, short messages or palatable pieces of advice. As a novice it’s way easier to interpret these types of real-world messages than say ‘5 of Pentacles’.  Start out simple and then work you way into the Rider-Waite style of tarot cards. 

A few decks I recommend to my students are:

Goddess Provisions

Chris Anne

Minimalist Oracle


Spiritual AF Deck

Is there a friendship crystal?

Lapis lazuli is an ancient stone representing friendship, dignity, honesty and truth; helping to bring harmony into relationships. It is also a stone of wisdom and self-awareness...aka helping us to not only speak truthfully to the people we care for but also not to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.

Is it best to work with one type of crystal at a time?

It is A-OK to work with several types of crystals at the same time. There may be multiple things on your personal to-do-list that you may be wanting to manifest or release. Since different crystals assist us on different avenues we may need several crystals to support our personal #crystalrx

How do you know which crystal you need? 

People are normally aware of one thing that they might want to recalibrate in their lives. Identify that item and go from there! You can refer to a book, visit a metaphysical shop or Google to assist on your path to find the right crystal. If you have had a think about your life and still can’t identify a subject matter where you would like to start than I recommend working with a healer to help guide you in the right direction.

Best practices for cultivating the power of your crystals? 

Build a relationship with your crystals. In the woo-woo world it’s called ‘programming’ a crystal. Infuse the crystal with your intent, ask it to assist you and work with it often.

Is it necessary to charge under the full moon for best results?

There are many ways to charge a crystal. Charging under the full moon light is a great way to both clear and charge a crystal.

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