City of Angels: The CAP Cult Guide


Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice: One of my favorite LA Spots is Ricari Studios. The face and body Endermologie treatment with Anna Zahn is amazingly powerful.  It’s not only deeply relaxing but she has changed my entire lymphatic system.

Rachel Marlowe, Writer:  Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist Kari Jansen’s indoor/outdoor treatment space at the top of Laurel Canyon is LA’s most magical selfcare destination. Sessions start with a detoxifying steam sauna followed by a full body lymphatic massage using oils infused with native plants such as white sage, mugwort, lemon balm, lavender, yarrow and peppermint all of which she grows in her garden. Everything from cups and hot stones to tuning forks and crystal bowls are incorporated into the tailor-made, two hour treatment as well as Shirodhara, the ancient Ayurvedic treatment that involves steadily dripping oil onto the forehead to clear the energy around the third eye. If you’re not quite ready to return to reality after all that bliss, stay for a soak in her outdoor clawfoot tub or an infrared sauna. Don’t forget to pop into her studio before you leave to stock up on Jansen’s line of wildcrafted, organic, herbal wellness Poppy and Someday products. I love the grounding Kapha Mist with Myrrh and Amber extracts.

Lee Tilghman, Blogger at Lee from America: My favorite place to eat is Honey Hi because they have the most incredible, locally sourced food. Not to mention, it’s a female owned business run by 2 extremely smart and talented women.

Joie Meffert, Parter at Apothecanna: Sqirl is one of the first places I ever ate in LA, it has become a reminder of the fresh, colorful and unique California cuisine that we’re exploring at home. And the cookbook is beautiful! I don’t think there’s anything else like Institute of Art & Olfaction. I’m fascinated by sensory elements and found this organization after reading about a project that paired scent with LA ghost hauntings. Saskia Wilson-Brown opened the Institute for people who wanted to experiment with scent but didn’t know where to start. Rare cacti aside, the way Hot Cactus is set up makes you feel like you’re wandering through a canyon! And Griffith Park Observatory West Trail Loop is short, but steep so you feel it in your legs and lungs and the amazing views of LA (Hollywood sign!) and the beautiful observatory at the top. Go at the magic hour so you can see the city begin to light up. On the lawn of the observatory there are amateur astronomers willing to let you look through their telescope at the moon.

Shiva Rose, Founder of Shiva Rose:  After days of working long hours I like to escape to The Rama Institute for a Kundalini yoga class. This has become a refuge for me where I can go to clear my aura, my thoughts, and bring light energy into my field. My dear friend Guru Jagat create this sanctuary a few years ago and now it feels like home.

Lily Kunin, Blogger and Author of CleanFoodDirtyCity: The farmer’s markets in LA are standout. There are numerous ones happening in LA everyday and they are always brimming with fresh, organic produce that is very reasonably priced. I love hitting up Dave’s Korean at many of the farmer’s market and I always get a cup of their fermented veggie broth along with their pickled daikon and lotus root. I also stop by Erewhon a few times a week for healthy on-the-go food whether it’s their kelp noodles and kale salads or spirulina popcorn and herbal supplements to stuff in my bag before a long flight!

Lacy Phillips, Blogger and Manifestation Coach at Free + Native: My most frequented eateries are: Botanica, Honey HiKippy’s Ice CreamGjusta, groceries at CookbookErewhon smoothies, and Sushi Gen. Weekly, my selfcare consists of cheap massages, acupuncture with Dr. Dao, reiki by Lara Elliott and breathwork with Lauren Spencer King at yogala. When it comes to my closet, I’m pretty French about it! I find groovy basics and vintage pieces at vintage stores on Melrose, a couple of quality pieces each season at Mohawk General Store, and then a few forever staples at Celine.

Emily Fiffer and Heather Sterling, Founders of Botanica Restaurant: When we’re not drinking natural wine at Botanica, we get our fix at a few key spots in the neighborhood: Wolfdown, Kismet, Bar Bandini, Cosa Buona and Cafe Stella all have stellar wine lists and atmospheres to fit.

Colleen McCann, Shaman and Founder of Style Rituals: When in Rome. You can’t come to LA and not dip into the metaphysical pool. My favorite crystal haunt is Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake. The owners, Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano, are both fashion industry veterans so expect a well curated and highly designed experience as soon as you walk through the door.  Just look for the unicorn in the window and you will know you’ve arrived.

Nicole Granato, Founder of Nicole Granato Wellness:  Gjusta. I love their food and variety of choices. You can pretty much satisfy any craving from their menu. The food is always so fresh and the atmosphere has a Euro Californian Vibe to it that is amazing! The General Store is one of the most beautifully curated stores I’ve ever been in. A lot of the goods support smaller brands and artisans which I love. There is an amazing collection of vintage clothing as well. Yoga Salt is my absolute favorite yoga studio. Tamal is the owner and a teacher there and he changed the way I practice yoga. He is truly brilliant and I love going to his classes whenever I can. Alchemie Spa Santa Monica is such an amazing treatment place from facials to massages! They use beautiful organic products that are simply divine and their services are the best I have experienced in LA. Going to a workshop or a moon circle is one thing I always make sure I do with people who visit me. WMN Space in Culver City is an amazing sacred space for women to come together, acknowledge, appreciate and love one another. It brings back a sense of community to sisterhood that is so important!

Luke Storey, Founder of The Life Stylist: My favorite place in LA is Just Float in Pasadena. It’s the world’s largest, and to me the best, float tank center. What makes it dope is: super clean tanks, insane level of water filtration, water and air temp are under constant control (never gets chilly and kills your vibe), the rooms are completely silent (no fans, or rumbling pipes, people talking outside your room) plus they have so many float rooms that it’s always easy to book on their super simple site and app. But the raddest thing is that they let you book ‘double sessions’ back-to-back which means you get to spend two hours of ‘trip out on me’ time per float, which makes the slightly long trek to the Far East side worth the drive. Bottom line is that sensory deprivation chambers are the sweetest natural high on earth, and Just Float is the smoothest ride all-around.

Heather Taylor, Founder of Heather Taylor Home: One of my favorite places to unwind is Natura Spa in Koreatown. I bring a book, soak in the pools and get one of their incredible body scrubs. I also make sure to leave time to sit down for a meal of Korean soup and barely tea in their cafe. Best way to relax after a long work day!

Emily L’Ami, Founder of Bodha: I love Baroo so much. It’s a tiny restaurant in an ugly strip mall in Hollywood but the chef comes from Nobu and the food is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. They grow a lot of the produce themselves, ferment all sorts of things in jars along the back wall and they’re super lovely people!

Scott Linde, Founder of Sun Potion:  I stop at Erewhon everytime I’m in the area. In my opinion, it’s the best grocery store in the US! I also love to relax and meditate at the beautiful self realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple at the bottom of Sunset Blvd. They have one of the best gardens around! The Butcher’s Daughter is a really fun spot to stop and grab some food if you’re in Santa Monica and the Peterson Automotive Museum is another favorite of mine!

Bonnie Wright, Director:  After a morning in the ocean surfing I love to go to Menotti’s in Venice for the best coffee in town. My go to order is an iced hemp milk latte (so LA). I also love MTN a new Japanese restaurant by the ridiculously talented chef behind Gjelina and Gjusta. The space is partly outdoors with a glass kitchen to spy through and beautiful black wooden walls. When I am looking for a gift or a treat for myself I head to the Tortoise General Store on Abbot Kinney. They have the most inspiring collection of Japanese homewares, stationary, clothes and ceramics.

Robin Berzin, Founder of Parsley Health:  Gjusta bakery! Because you want to live in their garden and eat everything on display. It’s the decadent version of health food. And Parsley Health (of course!) for their whole-body approach to personalized medicine nutrition and wellness advice.

Tara Sowlaty, Co-Founder of How You Glow: One of my favorite spots in LA is Tomoko Spa. It’s an unexpected mixture of all of my favorite things : traditional Japanese vibes, ultimate relaxation, and an onsen bath. Their couple’s massage is the ultimate and includes a Japanese meal after your massage and bath. It’s eaten on the floor on tatami mats and it’s pure heaven.

Zen Nishimura, Founder of Zenbunni:  Hands down our favorite place to eat is Gjusta in Venice. We’ve been in love with Travis’ food since Gjelina, he made our time on Abbot Kinney such a pleasure. It’s the one place we will always drive down the mountain for. Any time we need to recharge, we enjoy earthing and grounding down at Topanga State Beach watching the sunset or taking a dip!

Victoria Hoff, Managing Editor THE/THIRTY: Kismet in Los Feliz has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants on the Eastside. It was recently opened by the same chef who opened Glasserie in Greenpoint, Brooklyn which was one of my favorite spots when I lived in NYC. The Middle Eastern inspired food is locally sourced, unbelievably delicious and meant to be shared, so it’s great to go with a group. They also have a fantastic wine list. I highly recommend the orange wine!

Meredith Baird, Author and Founder of Nucifera: Venice Boardwalk. There is nothing I love more than an extra long walk, and Venice couldn’t be a better place to do it. I love the craziness of the boardwalk  (and hope it stays that way). It’s the perfect amount of insanity to take you out of your own head and into the moment.

Kayla Jacobs, Freelance Writer: Live Beaming in Santa Monica for a brekkie porridge with all the fantastical trimmings: cacao avo mousse, berry jam, and juicy fruit. Erewhon Market because it’s crack and I lose my mind and soul in its Green Goddess “ice cream”, botanical beauty aisles and tuna collard (yes collard) wraps. Olive and June for non-toxic sparkly mani’s and pedi’s. And Ele Keats for healing gemstones that look like rainbow gobstoppers.

Jimena Garcia, Brow Artist:  One of my favorite treasure spots in LA is a book store that specializes in the arts. It’s called Arcana in Culver City. I LOVE aesthetics, and they have all types of books, new, old and rare, to get completely lost in. I always come out full hearted and inspired.